A 13-year-old boy raped by Madrasa Teacher

A 13-year-old boy raped
A 13-year-old boy raped

It is a real life depressing story of a 13-year-old boy raped who caught up in the tragic accident of Rape. This befall in such a way that he lived in a very religious family. His ancestors were so loaded, well-to-do, educated after all they had everything. And that boy was getting an education in a school at morning he used to memorize Quran and general education as well at evening he used to go to a madrasa where he learns a lesson for the next day and that madrassa was nearby from his home.

While he had done his routine very many months and his teacher who taught him Quran, persuaded him to come only here instead of going to school as he will teach him everything about HIFZ all day and his teacher talked to his father and after all, he agreed. His family used to hand over funds to that madrasa as they were rich, and because of some fear of ALLAH. He was doing his HIFZ while his teacher had an evil eye on him, and he didn’t know that as he was very young. When he left school, he used to go there and started getting an education of HIFZ as his teacher had an evil eye on him. He got a chance and raped him once and after one more day, it continued. And he didn’t know what had happened to him. After doing this full of the shameful act he asked him to beg before Allah and I (teacher) will too beg before Allah.

He still didn’t know, what he is saying? And he had done this. His father used to visit there. One day when his teacher was absent, the boy’s father who was also Hafiz-e-Quran and used to visit that madrassa. The fellows of that boy knew what was happened to him. And his father asked some of his contemporaries. And they portray his father all of the tragic incident, which had happened to him.

When his father came to know about him and what he had done to him, his father tried hard to catch him but he ran away and nobody was able to find him.

From this depressing story of A 13-year-old boy raped, we come to know about the negligence of society that even know about things about don’t want to tell the children or too aware of children from this act. As he was a child and don’t know how to tackle in this situation he told all of his friends and his friends also not knowing about anything asked all of the scenarios to his father.

Note: This incident happened in Lahore Pakistan a few years ago.