Actress Hira Pervaiz opens about fake propaganda

Actress Hira Pervaiz

Actress Hira Pervaiz opens up while talking with Suchibaat

Actress Hira Pervaiz shared her personal experiences on how private TV exaggerate truth related to different celebrities.

I personally became the victim of this exaggeration trend from private TV, which later converted into fake news regarding me. The reporters initially generate this fake information but I do not blame them because they are the ones who are on duty.

The task is set from the top officials and they had to follow it because at the end of the day they are just employees and they had to save their job. The showbiz and media industry has so much potential but at the same time, there are people who monopolize things. Scandals were put forward by people I looked up to, People I worked with and trusted. But I don’t blame them it is a competitive world.

People in this industry are insecure and it only gives me motivation thinking that I made them insecure. Then they use money, fake news and propaganda to defame celebrities and ultimately they will get attention from us. In the end, we have to survive and for that, we need to work.

Hira Pervaiz

On the other hand, Hira Pervaiz said that there are good people in the entertainment and media industry as well. Haseeb Hassan, Nadeem Baig, Anjum Shahzad, Farooq rind these are professionals and know their work. They are straight forward and youngsters have a penalty to learn from them. She further appreciated their quality contribution to the industry.

“I must say before doing exaggeration regarding celebrities they need to understand that we are also humans, we live in a society and have families. The one propaganda story or exaggerated report can destroy someone’s life.

Another thing which we face is the communication gap, hardly someone confirms before publishing it either is it true or not? Or this thing really happened in reality. Fake propaganda is done in such a way that after sometimes it seems like it is the original story. But I firmly believe that truth prevails at the end.

Hira Pervaiz speak about her death scandal

“Private TV circulated the news of my death, and it is still there on the internet. This scandal gave me a shock as well as a huge financial loss. It really affected my career. No one approached me and later another propaganda circulated that I am personally involved in doing that scandal.

Just think for a moment that if there was any young girl who is earning and feeding her family. What will she do if she remains unsuccessful to get some work just because someone defamed her to get her attention or someone needs any spicy story for their viewers”


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