Ahmadi Community is Once Again Being Targeted by the State


According to Justice Siddiqui, it is necessary for all the civil servants (bureaucracy, judiciary, military, naval, and air forces and other sensitive and important institutions) to declare their faith. Ahmadi is mainly focused.

This is because he believes for many years, Ahmadi has been occupying lucrative positions in the state without declaring their faith. The amendment in the Khatam-e-Nabuwat clause was done to facilitate them, according to him, and that has now been reversed with this judgment.

Around the World, people criticized the act of Justice Saddique who played very controversial in the past as well. Civil Rights NGO’s condemned this decision. This type of judgments makes more difficulties for minorities especially the Ahmadi Community. The total population of the Ahmadi community is around 450,000 in whole Pakistan which is less than 0.5% of total population.

The restrictions and state pressure is not the new thing for the Ahmadi community but they remained peaceful and this is one of the reason that in recent years a lot of people from this community left Pakistan and shifted abroad. Many of the victims of our religious extremist class and some are family members of the victims who don’t feel safe in the country.

If we decode the verdict further, it says that every Pakistani has the right to know the faith of the people who are devising their policies.

The constitution of Pakistan considered them as a Non-Muslim, at the same time the constitution allow every religious and political community to preach their beliefs. Ahmadiyya Community is considered as a most peaceful community of the world. This community is officially representing in more than 200 countries, their headquarter is in London, England.

Gul Bukhari ” The IHC judgment today on the Khatme Nabooat case… disallows Muslim names or the forced addition of Marzai as the last name; documentation of each Ahmadi, much like the Jews in Nazi Germany, to deny them ‘dignified’ jobs. What is this country coming to”

Mansoor Qureshi “Next declaration by IHC: Ahmadis should not call themselves Human beings. This will be punishable by three years in prison”