The Alleged DRAW- Conspiracy Theory!


What can be more pleasing than a generic conspiracy theory? Especially when it comes to the world’s favorite game Football. Alleged DRAW- Conspiracy Theory With the champions league going on there are a lot of things going on in the football fraternity. And nothing that happens can stay away from the eyes of the fans who have surrendered their entire lives to the magnificent sport.

Lot of talks regarding “fixing” of the champions league semi-finals of 2018 are in the air as Roma put Liverpool tickets up for sale hours before the champions league draw that happened by surprise on the exact same day just a few hours after.

For years, fans have vigorously accused European Football Association (UEFA) of bias.

Some fans also claim that before the match the organizers use heated balls so that the guest selectors know which ball to choose for the current match and each and everything is already planned beforehand step by step.

The theory strengthens as Roma put up tickets for the next match with Liverpool family stating them as their next opponents in the Champion’s League competition.

Here, not only did they very accurately predicted their opponents, they also set out the dates and venue very precisely. After this incident took place, social media sites and the internet went nuts.

There were some bizarre tweets regarding the match fixing set up conspiracy and much talk spread about the website releasing tickets before the semi-final match.

Although the people at Roma quickly realized their set back or in this case a ‘set-ahead’ and the tickets released were taken down in a whim but it was now too late as thousands of screenshots were in circulation all over the world.

This brings us to an important question. What else is left to be seen?

This is not the first time that the football fraternity or the UEFA has been brought to shame and the fans have been this sad as the entire excitement seems to die inside them after knowing that their favorite matches were fixed and the outcome had been decided way earlier.

Although the football fraternity has shown a “NO TOLERATION POLICY” against such situations but we yet do not know that how many people and how deep were they all involved in this.

So, is this theory right as it seems or it was just a mistake by the Roma IT management team?

Well, who knows! What the fans know and believe is that they live and breathe football and will not tolerate such cases of fixing or altering of match results.

Before this all goes into investigation and the culprits erase all the evidence out there, the intelligent people of the internet have come to a decision and all agree that this game was hundred percent fixed and all this was a set up.

If true then the UEFA will have to face a lot of trouble along with extreme hatred from the fans of the sport. Until further news, the theory with the maximum valid points is to be believed.