Over ambitious Narendra Modi, ill-advised Nawaz & COAS


Indian Prime minister’s hope to put Pakistan on FATF watch list dispersed into thin air same as his propaganda as of surgical strikes. Today he will be the most upset person on the planet and will be saying “Meri petition ko Kyun Nikala” same as his friend who keeps saying Mujhy Kyun Nikala”. Even though military establishment has many stains on their boots but still they manage to take the wise decision at right times. Contrary to that Nawaz being the most favourite politician of illiterate and beneficiaries are known to get ill-advice at the right time. I still recall Sheikh Rasheed’s words who once said, “No one can take Nawaz down, his own weight will bring him down”. When you put your own weight on others, you depend on them and they can take you anywhere they want to.

Story dates to 2015 when Saudis demanded Pakistan army deployment to fight Houthi rebels who were causing trouble on Saudi-Yemen border. Nawaz being prime minister couldn’t handle the issue properly and ended up saying no to Saudis. I felt the same thing at that time that this issue won’t let Nawaz stay in Saudi again. Nawaz couldn’t handle simple mistake making Imran Khan, this issue was obviously beyond his capabilities. Saudis got pissed off by Nawaz and Raheel Shareef went to lead Islamic alliance force.

Long story short, Modi’s motivation against Pakistan are clear from day one. His plans are working for him, but his over ambition kills the charisma. This time when he did everything to plan against Pakistan and urged President Trump to put Pakistan on terror financing checklist, 2 days ago Pakistan sent its military to Saudi Arabia for security purposes. Next day GCC flipped the sides and voted against the addition of Pakistan in any of such list. Pakistan is facing quite a dilemma of weak foreign policy and lack of stringent judicial system. The democracy is like free-flowing water with no composure or stature. In such crisis time getting on such a list would have been the worst position as this will lead to sanctions and other issues which Pakistan is not ready to face. It’s good that storm is gone, but I assure you, it will come back, as Modi is expecting elections and needs to sell something. We went through this crisis quite smoothly, but I hope whatever is coming after this, our doers and responsible people are well prepared for that.



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