How to let go of anxiety and depression bothering you lately

anxiety and depression

“One can never change the past, but can always learn from it.”

How to deal with anxiety and depression?

Whenever I come across teenagers, adults and even kids the very thing I observe in them is that they either stay in anxiety and depression, too much in the past by complaining or whining about it or are idle most of the time. I admit the fact that one can’t take control of others. We all should admit this fact. One can never mould others the way we want them to be because we don’t want others to dictate us.
But we can always control ourselves and can always hold onto ourselves. The best way to deal with the ghosts and memories of past is to be strong enough to hold onto yourself.

Admit the reality

I know it’s hard to be a realist. Reality is dark, scary and brutal most of the time. But remember one thing You are strong and you have all the tools to face it. Accept the fact and be positive about it. Be brave to deal with all the insecurities and brace them happily.

Discover your interests

Having a hobby keeps you sane. Find out your interests. Spend time with yourself and see what makes you happy. Be it productive for sure, because spending too much on your phone, tablet or laptop scrolling feeds, playing games watching pictures and videos of people having fun or dining in fancy restaurants and flaunting about their skin and hair is just so depressing. No one on social media is exactly the same as they seem to be. Everyone got ISSUES.
So, it’s better that you put your phone and discover yourself and your interests. Productivity helps you in distraction and the end result leaves you happy and satisfied.

Learn a Skill

Learning and exploring new ideas and creativity literally helps in getting rid of all the anxiety and depression. “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” and anxiety and depression feed very well on the idle brain and engulfs one with the help of his own thoughts.
Keeping yourself busy with positive activities and skilful learning not only keeps you sane but makes you achieve something in your life.

Today is a gift

Complaining and talking about your past and not learning anything from it, takes no nowhere other than a physiatrist and a mental asylum afterwards. Thou some dark patches of past tend to travel with us all the time but one can always control his/her brain. Getting rid of broken thoughts and ripped hearts is easy when you distract yourself by either going out with friends and family or reading/writing. Explore new ideas, come up with better solutions to your problems. Be productive and creative.
In the end, keep one thing in mind and that is, approach a physiatrist, talk to a close friend but only YOU can pull yourself out of this depressed and dark situation. Try finding happiness in little things around you and rely on you as much as you can. Do not take stress unnecessary.

By an Introvert going through a nervous breakdown.