Pakistan, The castle of Islam! Asia Bibi released

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi is released from all the blasphemous charges as none of the witness had similar statement to each other.

Asia Bibi is released from all the blasphemous charges!

Long gone are the days when people used to say that Pakistan is the centre of Muslim Ummah, Pakistan is the castle of Islam, the place where Islam will be protected, the place where true teachings of Islam will be followed. Since 1980s Pakistan had been infected with sectarian-based hate and usage of blasphemy laws for personal point scoring and mob killing. The case of Asia Bibi is one example wherein a sitting Governor lost his life saving hers as he deemed she hasn’t done what she is accused of.

Today Asia Bibi is released from all the blasphemous charges as none of the witnesses had the similar statement to each other. Supreme court was pressurized a lot by ignorant mob handlers and religious exploiters that the judges will be killed if they let her free. The sad side of this picture is how people jump to conclusions without even reading the whole judgment or listening to what case has to offer. Slogans like Ishq-e-Rasool SAW main mount Bhi Qabool hay is typically used to provoke people against those who believe that justice system is above all. There should be accountability about how things should be dealt with.

Pakistan is changing, the realization among the top heads of not doing the same mistake once committed by Zia seems obvious as it took more than 30 years to get rid of it. The question to be asked to all is if Islam supports the prosecution of minorities or justice above all? The obvious segregation among media, social media and people in Pakistan is majorly due to lack of proper information on the case. It will be great if these people are told that Hazrat Ali (RA) lost a case against a Jew due to lack of proper witnesses. Justice system is designed to help innocents not to be punished due to being minority or lesser in numbers. If Pakistan envisages becoming the castle of Islam, these baby steps have to keep coming so people from all religions can come and live peacefully here.

One more thing for people who are not feeling well about the decision, all the decisions are done based on the merits and demerits of the issue under question. I think our Supreme Court of Pakistan has been to a point where the weight of justice is the heaviest weight.


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