Aurat March and feminists actual agenda in Pakistan

Women hold 'Aurat march' for equality, gender justice

Aurat March

Aurat March 2019

A day 8th march is celebrated as an International Women day. In Pakistan from the last couple of year, Aurat March has been organized by our local NGO’s and women empowerment societies.

From the last three days, people are continuously bashing, taunting and some of them abusing to the participants of Aurat March. Because they feel it was nothing just a fun movement or its something to make memes, troll of. The base why they think it’s not something worthy or its useless is a couple of posters.

If 100 out of 5 posters were not appropriate or abusive can you call the whole movement useless? Can you call whole activity funded or planned? Have you thought that those few people with those disturbing posters can also be planted to portrait negative image of whole Aurat march?

Official statement of Organizers of Aurat March

“Please note there are many people circulating pictures of women carrying signs, which have been doctored and edited. We believe this is to take away from March’s impact and our demands. Please ensure the veracity of the picture before you share it. We have worked hard to get out demands out prior to the march through our social media and mainstream media. If you didn’t come to the march, please go through our demands in our posts and videos on our page”

As a nation where we are standing?

1) 93% of women will face sexual violence at some point in their lives in Pakistan.

2) Pakistan is ranked 148 of 149 countries in terms of gender parity.

3) 74% of Pakistani women have less than 6 years of education.

4 ) Only 21 of 559 companies listed on the stock exchange have a woman on their board.

5) In 2017 more than 5660 crimes against women were reported. It’s estimated that only 10% of crimes or less are even actually reported.

6) 82% of nurses said they have faced sexual violence or discrimination at work.

7) Women constitute 49% of the population but makeup only 24% of the labour force.

Female share in wage employment is only 15% as they are engaged mostly as ‘family’ workers (54%), working without pay.

Let’s come to the point! What was their secret agenda?

Women asking for a safe environment, On a daily basis, women face harassment in their lives, YES 97% of women harassed in their life once or more.

They are asking to give them equal opportunity, is this a funded agenda?

If they ask for their share in inheritance is this a crime?

They don’t get equal wages if they speak about it. Is it something wrong?

Talking about oppressed people of society transgenders who are around 10,000 of the population. People even don’t consider them as a human being.

According to 2017 census, Pakistan has 48.76% of the female population and if we as a society keep ignoring them how can a nation compete on an International level.

They are peacefully asking for their rights. Aurat March was full of passion and diversity. People from across Pakistan and from every ethnic group, the social and economic class were present there.

At the same time, some people think that message was perfectly fine but the way of delivery is debatable.