Did Thanos kill Loki? Avengers End to be quite intense!

Avengers End

Avengers End to be very interesting

Loki, the God of Mischief, brother of Thor –the God of Thunder has been a very interesting character throughout the Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee. His appearance in Thor series and Avengers has been a treat to eyes. Tom Hiddleston puts his blood and sweat to play the character and we have loved him to death, but did he actually die before avengers end?

Did Thanos really kill him at the starting of Avengers-Infinity War? As we all remember at the end of Thor Ragnarok Loki became very favourite of all the Thor fans as the God of Mischief stood with his brother while rescuing the Asgardians. The villain lived enough to watch him become a hero. But Alas! Thanos couldn’t resist us falling for our boy next door and killed him. But did Loki give up on his life?

Loki God of mischief, adopted son of Odin, have tricked us with his death several times before but in the Infinity war the death scene seemed so real that most of us even shouted in surprise. 

Avengers End

For me, Loki’s death was too saddening as I have seen him as a victim more than a villain. An adopted boy overshadowed by his brother and manipulated by Laufey his own father, who uses him to enter Asgard. And then via Malekith the accursed in Thor- The dark world and then by the mind stone.

The question is still there, Loki was all nice and clean in Avengers and Thor Ragnarok. But Infinity War took two sacrifices and a lot more as per the ending but the last part of the Avengers movie is still there which will end the game for all of us.

Momo Game Replacing Blue Whale- A Suicide game to kill

Let us suppose Thanos killed Loki but according to the list of characters in End Game Loki can be clearly seen. And this raises the question “Does Loki die?” or will he be brought back via time stone t and manipulated again to destroy Avengers? Or will Avengers come up with a plan and bring Loki back against Thanos? Or is Loki still acting mischievously around and will take over the world as per his wish since his first appearance in Marvel Movies?

Some of these questions will be aided after the release of Captain Marvel and for the rest of the. Mark your calendars for the Avengers End Game, where the game ends either for Avengers or for Thanos, let Marvel Studios decide that.

Avengers End

Since the first Trailor released, many heroes are seen fighting side by side with Avengers. Heroes from all corners of MCU. At the end of Infinity War, many Avengers were turned to dust as Thanos snapped his fingers. Marvel has still not confirmed who will actually be in Avengers End Game.
For us, it’s Captain Marvel on top as she is seen chasing big crimes flawlessly.
Thor: Well now he has a new axe-hammer The Stormbreaker
Captain America: never fails to impress us all except Tony Stark
Iron Man lost in space and is out of food and water by now but must help the Avengers in need.

Hulk has to be in the game this time because its the END Black widow and Hawkeye the Avengers.

Avengers End Game Cast

And we badly want Loki to be there and add some mischief. Other Marvel heroes expected to be in End Game are Ant-man, the Wasp, black panther, Nebula, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Queen, Mantis, Drax, Wong, Rocket, Ancient One, Groot and SpiderMan.

Moreover a piece of very good news for all the people who’ve watched 13 reasons why?. Katherine Langford will be seen in the Avengers End Game.