AVICII’s Death a Big Loss of the entire music Industry

Avicii Death
AVICII’s Death a Big Loss of Music Industry

EDM i.e. Electronic Dance Music superstar Avicii was found dead on Friday last week. He was found in the Oman capital of Muscat where he was vacationing during one of his very famous tours.

His death was a shocker! The family is devastated and the fans cannot stop sobbing from their hearts. In the mere age 28, the inspiring and the talented musician left the world. His early demise has really taken a troll on the entire industry. We saw all his fans and friends sending their condolences and love to the family in tough times.

From the last seven years, Avicii had been facing health problems. He was doing more than 800 shows which had exhausted him to his core. He had been facing a lot of anxiety which altogether drew him to an alternative lifestyle. He had been drinking too much and that is the solemn reason why he had to get admitted for severe health issues.

Some health scares like acute pancreatitis were the result of excessive drinking habits of his. After this life incident, he decided to retire from tours and though did not completely stop but decreased the number of shows he would do. He promised fans that he would keep making music from the studio.

Though the fans of the great artist would not see him such on tours and auditorium shows, they were being catered with some really good soul touching music.

The fans who he loved so much gathered in a big number in Stockholm on Saturday to pay tribute to their beloved superstar. He was of Swedish origin where his family belongs to. At this time all the fans have been really supportive and empathetic to the family.

His music was something that had magic. A certain power of healing you was within those instrumental notes.

In his time, he worked with many great artists such as Madonna and Chris Martin.

His most appreciated works were “True” and the crossover pop hit oh 2013 “Wake Me Up.”

The life of a superstar is not as shiny as it is polished. Despite of house full shows, packed stadiums, arenas he felt incomplete. Thousands of people screaming his name, Millions of fans sending love was not enough to cure his health issues from which he had been suffering for years.

Two years ago he really decided to take a leave from the exhausting tour lifestyle to take out time for himself and to address his health issues. He once stated that no matter what and how making music is what makes him happy!

In 2017 when he announced that he was releasing a new album, everyone went nuts. Everyone thought that his days of suffering are over and now he is as fit as a newborn. But to our disappointment, he left us too soon and the world somehow seems incomplete without an artist of his valor.

Heartfelt tributes have come from everyone who ever knew him. DJ Calvin Harris who had worked with him described him as a “beautiful soul, passionate and extremely talented.”

He was young and this should not have happened. His family is in great agony. While no details about his demise have come out, the family decided to stay quite for a while and requested everyone to respect their privacy. To this, the fans and lovers have answered positively and have been showing their support by not intruding into the family’s private affairs. Though his death seemed to be due to his previous health issues, it was unlikely that he could not have been killed either.

The authorities were investigating thoroughly. Two post-mortems were conducted and it was found out that no criminal hand was involved. The criminal suspicion in the death of Avicii has been now completely ruled out. Still, the accurate cause of death remains unknown to us.

Avicii whose real name was Tim Bergling has a family who is in a state of emotional trauma at the moment.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bergling, his two sisters and one brother are now in the country to repatriate his body in the following week. According to the police in Oman, the ceremony will take place in a popular vacation destination on the Urban Peninsula.

His death puts up questions that are hard to answer. Since the birth of rock and roll, we see our beloved superstars leave the mortal world in early ages. Constant drug abuse, drinking issues, the stress and anxiety all leads to their doom. This is one side of being rich and famous that one clearly tends to ignore.

Some more of our favorite artists who left us early-

And countless more!

This is not how it is supposed to be. Artists who relieve us from our tensions should not die of stress and anxiety. The death of Avicii is a loss not only to the artists but a loss to the human kind!