Overall Bad influence of media in our life

Bad influence of media
Bad Influence of media

Media affects a society’s mindset; it influences the structure of civilization. It influences the audience directly and indirectly. The news stories issued on media, be it print or electronic is controlled and closely monitored by the political elites and business cooperates. It is bias and it affects the public in general and youth in particular. It has a very profound psychological and physiological impact on youth and children it also influences the mindset of public overall. Media influences the physical health of an individual be it music, radio, television, social M (internet) and video games.

Media indirectly promotes violence through media, video games, action and scary movies. It influences young generation very badly they follow those heroes and action figures blindly, this makes violence very normal for them. Another bad influence of media is that it has affected the physical health of every individual, people pass hours after hours in front of television and computer screens, resulting in weak eyesight, sleep disorders and obesity.

A latest research shows that children, who spent more time with any form of media, are comparatively slower than those who spent lesser time, and this media has influenced their overall academic scores too. Crime scenes, rape news, wrestling matches and show of unnecessary violence promotes behavioral disorders, influencing an individual’s aggression, and this aggressive behavior is long term.

Media influences the mindset and trend of the society through its fashion industry, whatever the designers bring in under the name of new fashion trend are equally welcomed and bought by the public. Fashion industry influences the specific teenager groups that follow the fashion and clothes worn by their favorite actors (worn in the cat walks).

Media also influence, risky behaviors like taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking, such products are very beautifully advertised on screen and they show such a glamour that a young person is attracted to try these things.

Heated talk shows discussing political issues, influences its audience badly as they adopt high pitched tones uses in debates, and they think it’s normal to talk like that with everyone. It encourages such arguments for its rating but innocent public adopts this style.

It influences growing minds very extensively; it glamorizes and fantasizes the unhealthy lifestyle. It promotes junk food and all the processed foods and depicts that they should be eaten and are a choice of a good person (by showing a happy, healthy family using those products). No one promotes to drink eight glasses of water; neither any media tells how important it is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

It influences the mind in a sense that a person starts hating his own self, by using slim Barbie figures as an only symbol of wisdom, beauty, and acceptance by the society. A chubby girl starts suffering from an inferiority complex because she cannot have that figure neither can she have that lifestyle.

Everything has its positives and negatives, it was invented to facilitate us and not to make us more psyche, it is our utmost responsibility to take only positive things from media.

Written by: Attia T Bari