Badin natural resource hub in Sindh lies east of Indus River

Badin natural resource hub

Badin natural resource hub in Sindh.

Blessed with oil coal and gas reserves, Badin natural resource hub in Sindh. The local infrastructure and facilities are rudimentary and the local population is facing calamities such as drought, famine and poverty. Infant deaths have been reported in the past in this district that is merely 200KM away from the Karachi, the mega-metropolis of Pakistan.

Badin is that the main town and capital of Badin District in Sindh, Pakistan. It lies east of the Indus. The region is miry, fertile, and appropriate for growing rice. Some oil fields area unit settled close to the city. Badin is that the main city of Badin District.

The population of the town in 1998 was 61,302. Badin is commonly known as ‘Sugar State’ thanks to its production of sugar. Badin District was established within the year 1975, It contains 5 Talukas Viz: Badin, Matli, sufferer Fazal Hindu deity, Talhar and Tando Bago and forty-six Union Councils with fourteen revenue circles, 111 Tapas and 535 days.

This District is edged by Hyderabad & Mirpukhas District within the North. Tharparkar & Mirpurkhas within the East, Hyderabad & Thatta District within the west district of India within the South, that conjointly forms the international boundary with India.

Badin natural resource hub is called because of the resources it has, but unfortunately, this town is facing severe issues. Media neglected this area completely. They are more interested in the politician of this district especially Mirza Family and other landlords who have done nothing for their own hometown other than fake promises.

The miseries of innocent poor people across the globe are rising. Those in power lack the intent to address chronic issues of the society. Pakistan, a land of great treasures of nature, is subjected to mammoth social calamities. The district of Badin is one such place that needs the attention of the authorities with the political parties displaying their set of skills to safeguard their vote bank.

Badin continues to suffer.
Infants continue to die.
Diseases continue to spread.