Bangladesh Elections 2018: 105 Million people ready to vote

Bangladesh Elections

Bangladesh elections Millions to vote amid threats of severe violence.

Bangladesh official authorities deploy 600,000 security forces to control law in order situation.

Road to the 11th Parliamentary Election

Fears of intimidation, violence as Bangladesh set to vote

Bangladesh Elections 2018 are the 11th election after the independence from Pakistan in 1971.

Four parliamentary elections were held under a presidential system (1979, 1986, 1988 and 1991), while the other six (1973, and those after 1991) were held under the parliamentary system.

More than 100 million registered voters are going to cast their votes. They are going to elect 300 members to parliament in elections marred by violence.

Bangladesh stepped up security on Saturday in a bid to contain violence during a general election expected to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina win a record fourth term.

“In cities, there are fewer possibilities of clashes and violence,” Hossain said, “but in rural areas where communication is not so developed, it would be impossible for so few officers to ensure the execution of laws in the vote centres.”

It seems a very clear victory of Sheikh Hasina and this will be the 4th time. But the past trend of Bangladesh Elections is horrible. In last elections, more than 22 people lost their life.

Eminent political scientist Rounaq Jahan thinks the election is a test case to demonstrate that in Bangladesh it is possible to organise a free, fair and competitive election under an elected political government.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged all to make sure that parliamentary polls of Bangladesh Elections were not questionable in any way.

“All the people will have to watch out so that no one can make the elections questionable in any way. The candidates, leaders and workers of the Awami League and Mohajote [grand alliance] will have to keep patience in this regard,” she said.