History’s biggest battle? The living has to fight for survival

biggest battle of their lifetime in Game of Thrones

biggest battle

History’s biggest battle? The living has to fight for survival

The dead are already here!

This weekend, humankind will get a chance to watch the biggest battle of their lifetime in
Game of Thrones’ final season, episode 3. it will be the longest battle in the history of the game of thrones as it will take an hour and 20 minutes to come to the conclusion, leaving five episodes behind. It took around 11 weeks to complete the shooting with 700npeople fighting in extremely cold weather.

At the end of episode 2, Winterfell is surrounded already by the army of the dead. Jamie Lannister comes to Winterfell to fight side by side, against the army of the dead. But he figures out that the hearts in Winterfell are colder than its temperature. Everybody gives him a cold stare and we all know why.

Grey, Brienne, and Jorah are seen fighting or you can say preparing to fight in the first-row while some of them look forward to hiding in crypts under the Winterfell. But who knows white walkers attack crypts first and then wipe out a number of our favorite characters?
One big thing to be noticed in the trailer of episode 3 is the Night King stands alone, (just like Bran)

At least for this battle, however, his army, the white walkers will fight on his behalf. This is the fight between the dead, the white walkers and the living for a single throne.
Who will possibly die on the battlefield?
Well, Arya’s reunion with Gendry was surprising for the fans as the tomboy was still a child for them. However, Gendry might die while fighting for Winterfell.

Jamie came all the way just to embrace death on the battlegrounds of Winterfell and this is not surprising at all. In season 5 he said “I would like to die in the arms of the woman I love” and so he does. Dies in the arm of Brienne, who is seen fighting with him all the time.
The next sacrifice is of Jorah, who saves a lot of lives while protecting the gates saying his last words “Here we stand”

And as soon as he dies, the battle will become more intense. Since they only have time as the sun shines, chances are the living will flee out of Winterfell. Losing the battle by the hands of the White Walkers and the dead.