Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns! THE RIVALRY

Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns! THE RIVALRY

Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns, the match in WWE Wrestle Mania 2018 was one hell of an awesome show.

WWE is entirely running on the classic rivalries between the stars who we dearly love. Over the years we have seen a number of rivalries emerge, disappear or turn into a pretentious friendship. Let us talk about the fame and love along with complementary hatred these stars get! Well it is huge. On a daily basis millions of people talk, walk, sleep, breathe and live the World Wrestling Entertainment as an experience. The shareholders and makers of the show are drowning in cash since the show started airing decades ago.

With men with huge bodies, divas with goddess like figure and all of it power packed in the form of daily entertainment one could not ask for more.

The commentary in the show is also a matter of appreciation as they engage the audience throughout. The charismatic entries, music sequences, suspense build ups and the bone shaking matches all just make one’s day. In a macroscopic level, World Wide Entertainment (WWE) is one of the biggest grossing sport in terms of both viewers and revenue all over the world.

Coming back to the insane and jaw dropping rivalry between Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns we have seen the two come face to face many times. And every time it has been one hell of a trippy experience as the matches between the two superstars are filled with extreme awesomeness and adrenaline rushes. We have seen the two fighting for the World Heavyweight Title and the Universal Champion Belt many times. Each and every match between them has skyrocketed the TRP of the show to new extents.

The Wrestle Mania 34 of the year 2018 was no different. It was full of legitimate surprises, jaw dropping matches and awesomeness. World Wide Entertainment’s biggest show i.e. the Wrestle Mania took place in New Orleans, United States.

The Wrestle mania 34 had a new element, the first ever Women’s Battle Royale!

Brock Lesnar owned the WWE universal championship since he won it at the grand Wrestle Mania 33 last year in a kick ass match.

Brock Lesnar faced Roman Reigns in the Wrestle Maina 31 for the World Heavyweight Championship but before we could know who among the two was better, they were interrupted by none other than the mischievous Seth Rollins where he cashed his money in the bank contract and took the World Heavyweight Belt with him.

So to answer the unanswered question, both the ragingly powerful superstars came face to face in the Wrestle Mania 34 this year. After the gigantic and enormous entries, followed by cheering mixed with booing, the superstars entered the ring and the match initiated.

Brock Lesnar started by dropping three German Suplexes on Reigns. Roman Reigns too did not stay put, he answered with his mighty superman punches. Roman got suplexes over and over and it seemed like he would pass out.

Suspense was building in the arena, it looked as if Brock would take away the winner title and retain his best but the beast Roman came back to life with new energy. But Brock is not a newbie, he answered with a knee in Roman’s face which eventually kind of put Roman to sleep.

This was the moment when Brock tried to pin his rival, Roman Reigns but there was a kickoff at two and a half counts.After getting multiple F5s, More German Suplexes and being put through an announce table, it seemed that Roam would let go but everyone was shocked when Roman was not ready to go down and kept on kicking out.

Roman Reigns got some energy from the gods and somehow managed to drop a spear on Brock but that could still not put Brock down. In the exact same moment, scenario changes as Brock again hits an F5 but our superstar Roman does give up. He kicks out after an exhausting match full of blood and fire of rivalry.

With this Brock Lesnar is still the reigning Universal Champion and fans all over are biting their nails. Though some say that in Monday night RAW, things can change if anyone gets a rematch.

Though wrestle mania was fun and WWE is a prime source of entertainment, we need to make sure that nobody especially children do not try the fighting and moves at home, school or anywhere as it can be very dangerous.

Here is what all can happen-

  • Somebody could break a bone
  • There could be cases of internal bleeding after a fight
  • Someone could suffer from permanent physical damage
  • A person may even die!

So keeping safety first in mind we should not try or encourage its trial anywhere and limit WWE to our screens only.