Canada Day 1st July, History Celebrations Interesting Facts & Traditions

Canada day celeberations

History of Canada:

This July 1st marks 151th Canada day. It is an occasion when one hundred and fifty-one years ago Canada got freedom from British Empire, earlier it was a colony of Britain. It is celebrated with great zeal and passion every year. In 1867, July the first, Canada became a federation of four colonies, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and it became a self-governing Dominion of Great Britain. This anniversary was called Dominion Day till 1982, after that July 1 has been known as Canada day officially. Soon after its independence from Britain, Canada became an active member of Commonwealth.

1st July Celebrations:

On this day people plan most of the outdoor activities, the celebrations start at midnight with fireworks display leading to pancake breakfasts, cultural festivals, and food carnivals. Concerts and of course parades. Citizenship ceremonies for new Canadian citizens also take place. The spirit of patriotism can be felt everywhere, people paint their face red and white, and also display their national flag at every possible place. All of the countries celebrates its national day with patriotism and zeal, but the capital city Ottawa celebrates exuberantly.

Interesting Facts of 1st July:

Canada day in most areas, especially in the province of Quebec, is also known as Moving day. As many home leases start on July 1 and last till exact one year, that’s why many people spend their day moving their belongings from one house to another.

1st July Traditions:

July 1st is declared the national holiday in the whole country however if the date falls on a Sunday like this year, the anniversary is celebrated on 2nd of July. The celebrations on this day are worth watching, where the region echoes with tradition and the chants of celebration and patriotism. 1st July is celebrated as National Day from 150 years with full of energy and passion.