“Is Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan a credible person?”

Chaudhary Nisar

A person, who remained interior minister of a country for four years, fails to keep his family in the same country. For the reason Pakistan being an unsafe country, his family attained nationality of the United States of America. This man is no other but Chaudhary Nisar Ali. In the late nineties when Nawaz Sharif was kicked out of Pakistan, Nisar didn’t leave his companionship but ditched, at this critical time. Ch Nisar once said in talk show before the general election 2013 that he will resign after one year if he unable to deliver late he realized but he didn’t resign.

After elections of 2013 in a dharna of 2014 of PTI he himself ordered Punjab police and Islamabad forces, he encouraged them to attack. He played on both sides of the wicket at the time of Islamabad Dharna by PTI; he remained in contact with the senior leadership according to Pervaiz Khattak. He (Nisar) even asked PTI to invite him to join their party. According to the chief minister of KPK Nisar used to have an FX with a broken mirror at the time when they were studying in Aitcheson College, and with passing days he became so wealthy and powerful.

Another incident between Chaudhry Nisar and Chaudhary Aitzaz Ahsan indicate towards the character of Chaudhary Nisar. In a parliament session, Aitzaz Ahsan talked about Papu Patwari and Nisar said that he will take him to court, and Aitzaz replied that he will take him to cleaner and afterward Nisar didn’t show up in the court.

In 2008-2011 Government when PML-N has collation with PPP, Chaudhary Nisar wanted to be a minister of Petroleum but he could not get his hands on it and Imran Khan used to taunt him about this. His constituency rival Ghulam Sarwar Khan threw serious allegations of development funds on Ch Nisar.

Last but not least, the whole episode of Panama papers is an eye opener for all the supporters of Pakistan Muslim League. Before Panama verdict, Nisar said that he will not be part of any cabinet and will resign from his national assembly seat as well and will never take part in elections again. However, he took a drastic U-turn and announced that he will contest election from two different seats i.e. NA 59 and NA 63.


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