Child Labors VS Beggars in our Society

Child Labors VS Beggars

Child Labors VS Beggars

Child Labors VS Beggars its not something to compare. I was sitting on a workshop while my automobile was being washed after the minor fixes it needed I observed a child merely 13 to 15 years in age, fixing another vehicle. I managed to talk to him and asked him how he came here, why is he not attending a class, which makes him work at this early age and what are his earning. He looked up at me and replied: “I cannot afford education”. He told me that his family cannot afford and now he is earner of the house. He has to earn to the family can make their both hands meet. I had inquired about his salary to which he replied “Rs.130/day (approx. 1.30$) and Rs 40 (0.4$) for lunch I was startled. How can someone work this much and earn much less?

But this dilemma got intensified on my way home when on Mall Road, a busy road in Lahore, Pakistan. The traffic signal turns red for about 30 seconds after every 90 seconds, and there stands a beggar (age: mid-thirties). As this road comes my way twice a day while going to work and I’ve observed that this very beggar gets money from at least 3 cars every time, the signal turns red. And the least amount paid is Rs. 10 /car. Whoa! If you’re smart enough to do the calculation, you’ll figure out that he earns 3 times more than the little boy. A boy who is working almost all day in an automobile workshop rather than studying in a primary school.  All the way back to home I kept on wondering where does the actual flaw lie?

Child Labors VS Beggars who are more helpless we cannot comment on that but the boy who is working from 10 A.M to 10 P.M as child labour is earning so less that he can hardly make his both hands meet. The person begging with all his health and will is earning more without any hard work. Does this trend promote beggary? Isn’t it irritating thoughts in the little minds that hard working is getting them nowhere? Will it make child labors adopt this “Profession” of beggary? Or is it us, the society, who is encouraging the beggars by giving them money. Rather than paying more to the hard workers?