child labour who works at Workshop with his younger brother

child labor

It is an article about child labour, which is a sinful act.

Even our religion prohibited child labour. And our government is not taking any step to overcome this rigorous labour.

Children are supposed to get an education and to get accomplished their goals, and fulfil their needs and desires according to their taste.

But due to many situations and circumstances, children are supposed to do some labour for the brought up of their family. And they burn the candle at both ends.

As in Pakistan it is very common and some policies must be made for their proper education and they must not engage in child labour.

As for the story is concerned, two days before I personally witnessed an 11 years old boy is working at a car workshop for the last three years along with his younger brother who was 9 years old. He told me that 3 years before his father died after that he left school, at that time he was in 3rd grade. By asking him he said that the owner of the shop pays him 6 thousand rupees (55-60$ approx ) monthly. 3 thousand ( 25-30$ ) for his brother and 3 thousand for him and 50 rupees (0.45$ approx ) daily. And these boys know proper work related to repairing of car bumpers, every time I go to workshop these boys used to fix my car’s issue there are 3 more kids of the same age who used to work there.

Once I want to give him some extra money for the work he did. He did extremely good work. So I want to encourage him he refused to take at first when I forced him and said no one will say anything to you. Then he took from me and said I will give this amount to my mother. Actually, he was afraid of his master.

In this age of much expenses, the 6k rupee is just spent on food for a whole month. The government must make some policy to eliminate child labour. These innocent children are meant for getting an education and pay tribute to their country but they used for other purposes. This is such a lamenting situation.