Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid one of best transfer sagas

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I would like to play in Spain one day, but I am happy here at Manchester".

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid one of the best transfer sagas of all time.

2007, 8 March | Cristiano Ronaldo: “I would like to play in Spain one day, but I am happy here at Manchester”.

2008, 24 May | Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: “You get used to this, Madrid’s behaviour on these things. I examine the poet creating the good statement that slavery was abolished several, a few years agone. Well, did they tell El Caudillo that? Hebrew Christ! Eh, give me a break. Great clubs, clubs with great morals like Barcelona, have far better morals than Real Madrid will ever have. We know Real Madrid aren’t the only club who’d be interested in Ronaldo, but the others don’t come out and say it”.

Bayern struggling according to their standards in Europe

2008, 1 June | Ferguson: “I’ve had a couple of meetings with the Glazers. Their attitude is, ‘To hell with them’. They’d sit a player in the stand, I’m telling you, absolutely no doubt about it, just to prove a point. Not to give in to these people. They’ve got balls, I can tell you. I’ve been delighted with them in that respect”.

2008, 6 June | United report Real to Fifa over their approaches to Ronaldo.

2008, 16 June | Fifa declines to take action.

2008, 21 June | Ronaldo: “[Move to Real is] a dream, a step forward, you can call it what you want”.

2009, 8 July | Former Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón: “[United] should be happy and proud [for the] the transfer of the century”.

2008, 10 July | Fifa president Sepp Blatter: “If the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found. There is too much modern slavery can be seen, in transferring players from one club to another or buying players”.

2008, 18 December | Ferguson: “You don’t think we’d get into a contract with that mob, do you? Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t sell them a virus”.

2009, 16 May | Ferguson: “After Barcelona battered Real Madrid 6-2 our players were telling Cristiano that, if he goes to the Bernabéu, he’ll have to play centre-half”.

2009, 4 June | Pérez: “What I want is for many of the best players in the world to play with us, Cristiano would be one of them. I am going to work so that Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo can be with Real Madrid ultimately”.