Cucumber Juice Not less than blessing for skin,hair & stomach

Cucumber juice

Cucumber Juice is considered ancient vegetables and is mentioned in the bible too.

Cucumber Juice with peels have 95% water and are a rich source of vitamin K and carbohydrates (3.36g/100g). Cucumbers provide 65KJ of energy per 100 g and have infinite benefits.

In Egypt, people use to eat cucumber to fulfil their Nutritional requirements in ancient times and it has been benefiting humans since then.

1. Hydration

The first and basic benefit we get from cucumber is “hydration.” Most of us forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water that we badly need to keep our body in proper functioning. Cucumber juice takes us out from the dehydration state immediately. Eating a whole raw cucumber, not only hydrates you but also gives your skin a natural glow.

2. Detoxification

Cucumber juice has a lot of minerals that help in cleansing our body. Cucumber juice when mixed lemon and mint leaves purify the body and detoxify the organs.

One can never have the desired results until their body is clean. Detoxification is important because we normally don’t pay attention to the junk food we eat but we always need detoxification and cucumber juice is the best detoxifier.

3. Immunity

The antioxidants in cucumber help the body in regulating its daily functions and hormonal activities. Daily intake of cucumbers and cucumber juice and help boost immunity and regulate the biochemical reactions taking place in our body because they perform in the liquid medium and cucumber juice has required nutrients and is a liquid medium to carry out major biological reactions.

4. Blood pressure and Regulation

Cucumber juice has Vit K and magnesium which helps in blood regulation and maintains the blood flow between low and high pressures. Elevated blood pressures cause serious disorders in the body and they need to be in control. Raw cucumbers can also serve as a remedy.

5. Stomach Acidity

Raw cucumbers are cool in nature and they cool down the stomach heat and acidity. We all savour spicy food which not only makes us want more but also leaves behind a heart burning sensation that is really painful and lasts for hours. The alkalinity in cucumbers helps in getting rid of acidity and heart burning sensation.

6. Skin

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is the first thing that others see in their fellow men. Though all skin types are beautiful and perfect yet there is always room for improvement.

A) Sliced cucumbers are good for eyesight and skin

B) Grated cucumber, when applied on skin, leaves it with a natural glow

C) cucumber juice mixed with flour can help in getting rid of acne and leaves an even skin tone behind.

(Make sure cucumbers are refrigerated enough)

7. Hair

To me, hair is the most important part of our body. Good hair can simply add 10x to your personality and your day and since I said earlier there is always room for improvements and you can get the hair of your dreams.

1. Applying cucumber juice directly on your scalp can reduce thinning.

2. Cucumber paste, lemon juice and mustard oil (or any other organic oil that suits you) can be applied for 20-30 minutes for rough hair.

Cucumbers have silicon along with other vitamins and minerals which really boosts hydration of scalp and helps in hair growth.

8. Weight loss

Cucumber juice, when mixed with cumin seeds, helps in weight loss and regulates digestion. Cucumber detox water (lemon and mint leaves) helps in weight loss too.

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