Despacito song became Hacka-Cito ; YouTube


We all at some point in the time realm found ourselves try to recite the impossible-seeming lyrics of the all-time hit song Despacito, but DESPACITO became HACKA-CITO.

A tremendous song by artist Louis Fonzi the video song on YouTube present at the channel of Louis Fonzi himself was deleted recently after a hacking breach performed by a group of hackers namely Prosox and Kurdish.

After this incident, the entire internet franchise went nuts! The original video had been replaced by a bunch of shady looking dudes in masks carrying weapons and pointing it to the camera. It was scary and funny at the same time.

The malicious hackers seemingly hacked videos by more than a dozen artists writing the message ‘Free Palestine’ under a host of videos by Taylor Swift, Shakira, Drake, Selena Gomez and Luis Fonzi as mentioned above.

Though a mysterious Twitter account popped on the name of the hacker Prosox who tweeted saying that: “It’s just for fun I just use script “youtube-change-title-video” and I write “hacked” don t judge me I love youtube”. However, in a later birdly tweet, the mysterious Prosox like all the politicians denied doing a wrong deed and said that he did not delete the video for Despacito. The officials at Youtube and Vevo were obviously pretty pissed as they had to do some extra work because some guys decided to have a little fun.

The affected videos were quickly corrected and the despacito video was taken down until the problem was fixed.

After it was re-uploaded, the video that proudly showed 5 billion hits earlier was just on 28 views for a matter of time.

This would have taken a mental stroll on the artists and the incident must have taken them on an emotional roller coaster as well.

Vevo previously experienced a breach in September 2017 when some of its files were stolen and leaked online by a similar group of mysterious hackers.

Well, that is the thing with malicious hackers, they are always ‘Mysterious’!

Though according to experts and anti-hackers, what happened on YouTube could not have happened so easily which brings us to the conclusion that they might have some inside help or it was people at you tube themselves who just wanted the entire internet to make them the center of attraction so that they can make extra bucks off a controversy easily.

Whatever happened, it is not surprising if any of the above cases is true as we have seen companies doing worse to themselves just for a little limelight and free marketing. Either way, it was a win-win situation for everyone as they hackers made a name and YouTube along with the artists made some more money by getting numerous new hits due to the incident.

As of now, the fire seems to be out of wood as there is no new news or talks going on related to the scenario.

Though it arises many questions that is our private content safe or online security is just a myth.

There are numerous debates on the facts but the real truth still seems buried somewhere!