3D In MS: Digital Doodling via Microsoft Paint 3D


As I was turning my PC off I realized something new in the taskbars. I looked up at it and my eyes sparkled with joy, Microsoft Paint was in 3D!! When I was a kid I would draw random stuff on Microsoft paint all day and ended up making a mess but this new and advanced Paint has all my heart for it has some unique features and tools.

The marker tool runs so smooth on the canvas along with calligraphy pen. As I’ve used it a bit watercolor brush and oil painting features are the best! Moreover, to add details to the painting or drawing the color pallet has improved a lot adding Matte, Gloss, Dull metallic and Polished Metallic features which not only provide shading but also clearly define the layers of a 3D object. For beginners like me. Microsoft 3D is a perfect application, for it provides 3D models, 3D shapes, and Stickers.

The time is here when you can show your creativity or just doodle your stress out. You can even teach your toddlers to make simple pictures and paint what they see in front of them.  Once you get to learn all the features and how to use them like a pro, download its latest version in your tablet and get set go! Just grab your stylus, find a sound corner in your home, sit in the balcony, look up at the stars at night or just draw whatever you see while traveling. Doodle with your friends and save the 3D view!

And THE BEST feature is UNDO which makes this digital canvas far better than the paper canvasses. So, try this new Microsoft Paint with 3D and of course 2D features and make your own masterpieces. There is no doubt that paint has fascinated us in our childhood a lot.  Happy Doodling!