Punjab University humiliated disable KINZA for applying in Masters


Is having low vision means dysfunctional?

Kinza who has graduated with 3.8 CGPA (95%) from FCCU Pakistan & applied for Masters in clinical psychology in Punjab University, Lahore. when I (Kinza) went to give the test; they refused to give me admission and forced me NOT to pursue this field anymore. Moreover, they insulted me and took me out of the room of entry test and scold me to kindly go and study some simple subjects.
I was humiliated in front of the public and told that Clinical psychology is NOT meant for disabled students.
I am such a student who jumped directly from 2nd grade to 9th grade and scored 93% in my 10th grade. I have potential and want to study further. So, I humbly request your channel & raise a question?
Is having low vision means dysfunctional? have no right to get higher education e.g. masters or PhD? & should get humiliation in front of the public on the mistake (having low vision) which is not even in my hands?

I received a call a week before of test that u applied for comparatively large font paper.
We want to advise u don’t do clinical psych. I honoured their advice k thanks u thought for me but I have potential to do inshAllah
But when I went to give the test and was asked my room number from office. The clerk there started a conversation in loud in all students k why u came to give test phone Kiya tha na apko. I said but ye tu ni kaha tha k na ao
I asked my room from other clerk n went to my seat of entry test. Then a lady came you are kinza? Vision ka issue hy jin ka. Come out!
They made me stand out there for an hour. I cried I can do let me give entry test at least

I want to study & get a higher education?

Kinza Sajid
Please SPREAD & SUPPORT Kinza who is such a strong woman and want to study further.