Drugs should be Legal all over the world


Drug products are one of the most profitable and biggest revenue generating industry. Drugs are considered as the harmful material but it has been using in medicines for so long. Drugs have several advantages whereas it has disadvantages too, it creates addiction, social and family issues. All over the world, people use drug products and it is widely supplied to the areas where it is not grown. Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan are the most popular countries for manufacturing drugs. They are also known as DrugsHub. There is an International Law against drugs which say you cannot buy sell or consume drugs without having a license of it. Some Countries around the world differ between legal vs illegal term. They considered some of the products legal and others illegal.

 Addiction is not limited to drugs and alcohol. People can be addicted to many things, such as food, gambling, shopping, or most anything that gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle. When things get out of hand, and people behave compulsively, regardless of the consequences. Drug products should not be banned because it has several benefits and advantages for the individual as well as for the whole economy of the world. Banning drug products promote the black market as well as it gives birth to these terminologies like drug lords, drug dealers, drug mafia and many other code words. The question is how we can promote an economy with the help of drugs? Yes, we can do that. Taking the example of Pakistan who is amongst the third world countries and does not have a stable economy. According to a survey just in Pakistan more than 100 million cigarettes, tons of hash and thousands of alcohol bottles sell every day and other drug items are there as well. In this scenario, we see that Tabaco and drug products get into the market through smuggling. Drug dealers are forced to use incorrect and unauthorized mean to connect their self to the customers. They sell their products through the black market and because of it users buy these products expensive rates. Because there is no one to control or regularize them so they take huge profit margin and all the money goes to drug mafias.


 On the other hand, if the Government legalizes these drug products they can earn millions of revenue every day. The government can apply the tax on products as they do on cigarettes. For example, the cost of normal quality weed pack is around 23$-50$ inclusive of tax, at the same time where itis illegal it costs you around 100$ and it goes up. In the black market, dealers take it all, but when it is legalized everyone will get a share, thegovernment will take his tax, the buyer will get his profit, and the consumerwill get at a cheap price. Doing legalize it will abolish the black market anddealers will be in the tax net.

Majority of people who support Drug products should be banned all over the world give logic that drugs make problems of addiction, family isolation, economic problems and health issues. But people who use it they are using and will be using no matter what happens nothing can stop them, how can one say this? Right now there are so many laws and bans against it still according to every survey drug addiction and use of it is increasing every day. Even it has a link with finance still it has been increasing more in developing countries. Drugs can only be controlled with the help of awareness, banning it is not a long-term solution. It is only promoting the black market, a number of people employed to control it, police file thousands of drug case every day. The government can use all this energy to improve their other sectors and department to improve the living of the common man. Usually, it has been seen that drug dealers are an easy target for the law enforcement departments they take a bribe from them.

  Drug addiction is a chronic disease affecting the brain, and just about everyone is different. Drugs affect different people in different ways. One person can take and abuse drugs, yet never become addicted, while another merely has one experience and is immediately hooked. Let’s establish one important point of understanding alcoholism and addiction. We are body, mind and spirit, and because of that, drug addiction is as much a disease of the spirit as it is of the body andmind.

No one can appreciate the presence of drug products as it has several disadvantages, but at the same time there so many stereotypes as well regarding this. Drugs can be controlled through proper awareness but these typical actions have not provided better results in past. Legalizing will help the government and other authorities to focus on other issues, at the same time it will boost the economy too. People can earn a good income as well, and the feel of the insecure environment will also be abolished.