Education and Child Labor in Pakistan

education and child labor

Education and Child Labor

Education is the word which itself comes from the word Educate, as for civil life, business life, household affairs, mentally, psychologically, physically, for entertainment and in every aspect of life getting education is most essential in the midst of peaceful and calm life. As for the prescribed topic is concerned with Education and Child Labor.

Education is very important for the child as when they grow up, they will certainly represent their country, work for their country, gets the courage to stand up for their country, becomes highly patriotic, after getting education gets reasonable jobs to increase the country’s economy and the market value of everything. But in our under developing country Pakistan, which is still developing for years, education for the child is totally contrary. Child instead of going to schools go for the workshop(s) for car maintaining, some works as the servant, some works on selling various things like eatables, flowers, various books, some stand up on crossroads for cleaning automobile’s windscreen and many more you can see in everyday life.

It is so much common in Pakistan that no one bothers to take action on this treacherous act. It is due to Pakistan low economic position. Due to a disability of the best economic possibility: the poorer become poorer, and the rich become richer. It is highly unlikely to impress the education of the child.

The child must give proper education to prosper their life to utilize their abilities. By getting the education they can become the backbone of their house. They must educate to distinguish between right or wrong, bad or good. They must educate to serve their country. They must educate to serve themselves instead of labouring aimlessly.

Some precautionary measures must be derived to eliminate this activity. Our political members must build up various organization authorities for the education of those child who doesn’t have enough money to educate themselves, who are orphans, who are mentally or physically or psychologically ill, who doesn’t know what to do with their life, what is their aim, what is the aim of this blissful life?

The child must give the education to keep themselves feels like as feel the educated ones. No think of them low! No think of them as mediocre creatures! They are made by the same GOD as we are made by. No think of them as they cannot achieve in life, but they can! They can do anything or everything if the proper way is given to them.