Egypt vs Saudi Arabia Prediction FIFA World Cup 2018

Egypt vs Saudi Arabia

World Cup  Group A

Egypt vs Saudi Arabia, 3:00 pm Monday 25th June.

Venue: Volgograd Arena 

Egypt has yet to win their first match in Fifa World cup 2018. They are trying their best but all in vain even Mo Salah was not able to assist Egypt to win their match against Russia. Egypt lost their first match against Uruguay and in second match Russia beat Egypt with 3-1. Both Saudia Arabia and Egypt are playing their last match of Fifa world cup 2018 Russia, so both want to finish their tournament on a high note. On the other hand, Saudia Arabia also lost their both matches. Now the situation of Group A is very clear i.e Uruguay and Russia both qualified for the next round. It will be just matter of pride game nothing more.

Prediction of Egypt vs Saudi Arabia:

One thing is very clear that both teams will be playing with full of passion and emotions they won’t want to lose this game, so the prediction for this match is right now 60% for Egypt and 40% for Saudia Arabia. The chances of the draw are there as well. I am seeing Egypt scoring 1 goal and Saudia Arabia with no goal, so Egypt 1-0 Saudia Arabia.