2019 Presidential Election In Nigeria Postponed

Election In Nigeria Postponed

The 2019 Presidential Election has been postponed. Some bodies are planning to Rigged the election.

Election In Nigeria Postponed. Just yesterday there was a piece of news that the police capture some electoral bodies. They discover 5million already thumb printed ballot paper on behave of the current president part called ‘ APC ‘

The news went viral and this morning they have negotiated and postponed the election till next Saturday. In order to find an alternative way of the election since there, the plan has been discovered. Preference of Youth is very important in this regard.

Presidential Election In Nigeria Rigging

Presidential Election delayed in Nigeria because of Rigging

Election In Nigeria Postponed. Kano State Police commando on Thursday said that the 14 sacks of ballot papers impounded were not original, but specimens. Media reports on Thursday alleged that 17 sacks of thumb-printed ballot papers with the All Progressives Congress (APC) box ticked were nabbed by Police in the state.

But, in a swift reaction on Thursday, the command, through its spokesman, DSP Haruna Abdullahi, said the ballot papers impounded were not genuine but ‘specimens’ and were not thumb-printed.

Election In Nigeria Postponed

Election In Nigeria Postponed

Report by: Michael Udechukwu