General Elections: Selecting your Oppressor


Someone said that something was ‘Of the People, For the People and By the People’ but that someone must be rolling in his American grave right now seeing his words that once changed the world meet such extents of ruin.

There are people, some unsung heroes who gave up their lives for us to have that something called a “democracy”. Is someone doesn’t know what democracy is, it is a type of state in which people elect their representative who would work for their benefits and make important legislative decisions.

As mentioned earlier, a democracy is supposed to be ‘Of the People, For the People and By the People’ quoted by Abraham Lincon but today the scenario differs in great magnitude. We see and find the elected representatives change color quicker than a lizard. Some would say that not all the politicians are alleged lizards some have been great but the question here is

Aren’t they all supposed to be great?”

There is a story about an innocent monkey who one day meets a crocodile. The crocodile asks the monkey to ride on his back, for a while the monkey restrains but the crocodile has amazing persuasive power so the monkey falls prey to the crocodile’s trap and eventually becomes its prey.

“We need to stop being the monkey!”

The elections are approaching and this auspicious festival of fraud and cheating with a flavor of bullying and crime is a lot to look up to.

We see powerful people standing uptight in elections in order to gain more power and doing whatever they can to win the throne which would eventually help them to rip off the innocent ‘monkeys’ (people) and fill their own filthy pockets.

We live once, we die once but we can cheat and break trust as many times as possible, this is exactly the philosophy by which the politicians go.

Let’s see and try to know how elections really work.

A worthy person gives their name for the post of the representative and the eligible voters then go and vote for the one they find the most suitable on the Election Day.

But what we really see is a circus of just economically strong criminals shouting praises of them in order to woo the audience of monkeys.

Long election campaign process, continuous disturbance in the daily routine of the working class along with threatening them, buying them off or fooling them completely with impressive qualities of lying to great lengths. False voting, men blindly pressing buttons in exchange for money or alcohol and women barely getting a chance to see a voting booth is very common.

Corruption is another big player in the game, if you stay away from it you are poor, if you are part of a corrupt deal you go to jail and if you talk about it… YOU DIE!

With time we have seen multiple cases of corruptions and whistle blowers “mysteriously-disappearing” in broad daylight. While a few are behind the bars more than a million more are still living in luxury with the stolen money in which more than half of the individuals are politicians.

It seems as if it is now the new motto of people to stand in elections, ‘let us win and rip off the country.’

In between all this chaos, now we have allegations of people hacking in the voting machine referred to as an EVM which stands for electronic voting machine. Big and small politicians who are unable to make it to the throne have been making such allegations on the winning parties but who knows how much truth and how much ‘dung; lies behind these comments. By far we have no such clues of some forgery of this sort happening. After reading all this what we need to consider is behind all the shouting madmen and glaring posters there is always someone who has some bit of good intentions. We must take some time and find out the one who is the least bit good. Because only then the current stinking scenario will change and the real development will start.

The people should not be afraid of their governments, the Government should be afraid of the PEOPLE. Do not let the crocodile persuade you! It is high time that people take charge and make things better because even thought it has lost track of being of and for the people, it is still in hands of the people and forever BY THE PEOPLE!





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