Computer games are a reason behind Empty playgrounds

Empty playgrounds

Why do we see Empty playgrounds everywhere nowadays?

Empty playgrounds are one of the reasons behind the Computer games nowadays. I still remember those afternoons and evenings when we waited to go out and play. Nothing mattered then, be it summer or winter, rain or shine, muddy or dry. All we wanted was to play around, ride a bicycle or simply run around. Boys would play cricket and football. Tournaments were arranged and teams were selected. It was a matter of life and death. Sometimes the matches would end up in a fight and sometimes getting scolded by a random lady for breaking her glass windows.

It was all fun and games until we grew up and had access to computers and the internet. We learned to surf the web and found online games. Though we all had video games at home they were never equivalent to the games we used to play in playgrounds. Accessibility to computers and smartphones killed the habit of playing in playgrounds.

Now we spend all our day playing online with hundreds of users on the web and have forgotten that playgrounds exist. Moreover, this non-physical activity makes one dumb, lazy and unimmune to certain disorders. Our body needs exercise and activity for proper functioning and on top of all it needs fresh air and oxygen but this generation of ours is so busy playing games that are just games. Literally just games.

Playing in a playground not only builds up your body but also makes you tolerable. Meeting new people, finding solutions to sudden issues and teamwork makes a person socially acceptable while playing on computers gets you high points only. The computer is set for either yes or no but in real life, we always have a maybe and that maybe is our best teacher.

  • Online gaming does bring people from different regions of the world closer, do make us virtually connected but real-life friendships and problem-solving skills make one smarter and more reliable.
  • I am not against online gaming and computer games I just want you guys to inhabit the playgrounds and involve yourself in physical activities.