Essential masks for summer season to look fresh

Essential masks for this summer season

Essential masks for summer

There are 5 Essential masks for summer

Essential masks for summer, Spring has already finished and I believe all of you are drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated. Seasonal fruits and their extracts and juices help boost blood circulation and brings a natural glow on your face. Eating and applying natural fruits go hand in hand in my beauty tips.

One has to be clean inside out and for cleaning your body from inside drinking 10 glasses of water, fresh fruits, dairy products and veggies play the best part. When the temperature rises to 45 degrees one needs to cool his/her body and for that one must drink water and fresh juices. Vegetables have always had our back when it comes to deteriorating health because of too much meat intake and junk eating.

Organic masks are always better!

Natural masks show results with regular use and have long-lasting results on skin. There are many masks present in markets but I would prefer you to make them at home in simple and easy steps. If you are too busy for this, make weekends your self-care days and apply these masks at least once or twice a week for better results.


Cucumbers are natural coolers. Eat them as much as you can in salads and sandwiches.

Use these Essential masks for summer and see amazing results


1. Take a cucumber and peel off its skin and cut it into small pieces.

2. Blend it and make sure you extract all the juice from it.

3. Apply it directly on your skin or add flour to it to make a paste.

4. You can squeeze ¾ part of lemon in it if your skin is not sensitive.

5. Let it sit on your skin for 20 minutes.

6. Rinse off and pat dry your skin

7. Repeat twice a week.


Turmeric has been used as a disinfectant for so long. Our skin is prone to many germs and dirt particles and it needs cleansing on a regular basis. I make two types of turmeric mask and I will share both


1. In a clean bowl add 1 tbs of turmeric powder, make sure it is pure and add 1 tbs of milk. Add half tbs of honey and half lemon.

2. Make a paste and apply it evenly on your face. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Pat dry and apply toner.

The second mask I make out of turmeric powder is by adding fuller’s clay and rose water to it. I use it when there’s too much humidity in the air and my face have active acne.


Tomatoes are rich sources of Vit C and they give a natural glow to the skin. One can eat them raw WITHOUT the seeds because its seeds have too many oxalates which may cause kidney stones.


1. Blend a tomato to make its puree. Add half tbs lemon juice and half tbs of fuller’s clay and apply the paste on your neck and face.

2. Let it sit on your skin until it dries and wash off with cold water.

3. Spray rosewater afterwards or apply a toner with a cotton ball.


Potatoes have high starch content and it helps a lot in getting rid of bad sunburns and hyperpigmentation. Eating too many potatoes may cause obesity but applying potatoes on skin leaves remarkable results.


1. Take a medium sized potato and grate it.

2. Squeeze a lemon onto the grated potato and apply it on your face.

3. Wash after 25-30 minutes.

4. You can add an egg or yoghurt if you can stand the smell of it and wash it after 15-20 minutes.

Don’t rub your face while washing off all these masks because it may cause redness.

Consistency is always the key to success and getting a clearer skin is no less than an achievement. Again, as I always embrace yourself the way you are but there is always room for improvement. Good luck!