Eye Makeup tricks that can make your little eyes look bigger

Eye Makeup

How to do Eye Makeup?

Eye Makeup Every eye shape is pretty and personally, I like little eyes because they hide in most of the secrets and they are preferred by makeup artists more.

Natural eye shape cannot be changed but it can be enhanced with good quality makeup products and skills.

  1. Concealer

Concealing your eyes is the basic trick to make your eyes look bright and bigger. Conceal your dark circles and the eye bags to get a proper base for your makeup.

  1. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a very essential part of your face and it adds to one’s personality. Do enhance them with eyebrow pencil on the underline specially and make sure not to fill them too much because darkening your eyebrows will make them look thick and will overshadow your eyes. Moreover, try using a brown eyebrow pencil for enhancing.

  1. Eye Liner

People with little and deeper eyes should use eyeliners carefully because of the shape and black can literally lock their eyes in the socket. They must do a winged liner with an upward tail. Blacking eyes or Smokey eye makeup really makes it dark and boxed. Well, one can play with shades of brown and rust.

Well to apply the liner one must make the tail bigger starting from the mid-eye.

Eye Makeup


Darkening the upper waterline also serves the purpose, moreover, the under-eye liner helps in enhancing the eye shape too.

  1. Makeup

Using shimmery and light shades for eye make can make one’s eye look bigger, shades of brown and even whites can help. Try different colour eyeliners but If you have Asian skin try using an eye makeup base before application of liners and shades.

Highlight the inner corner with the help of shimmer shades and it will make the eye look bright and big. Moreover, adding brown on the waterline also makes one’s eye bigger.

  1. Mascara

Never miss mascara if you have little eyes. Lengthening mascara should be used and lashes had to be curled upwards. Try using fake eyelashes if needed but make sure they’re curled up too because curled lashes give the opened eye look that makes your eyes look big.

Praise your eyes and take good care of them by spraying rosewater in them before sleeping and putting cold tea bags to get rid of eye bags. Moreover, adequate sleep is a must and healthy foods too.

Eye Makeup

And do share your views and feedback Eye Makeup looks after trying 🙂 Read Hair treatment

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