A Trend of fake encounters in Pakistan is not new!

Fake encounters

Have a look into fake encounters in Pakistan

Unfortunately, fake encounters in Pakistan are very common. It should not be the case but that’s how it is. Looking back at the recent past one couldn’t fail to find such encounters in the last ten years. The increasing number of False encounters is mostly not even on record with our media and law enforcement agencies.

“Encounter killing” is a frequent term used in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan since the 20th century to describe killings by the police or the armed forces of the respective country. Sadly such encounters if taken place in rural areas don’t even get a chance to be reported on t.v. or mainstream media, other than those that get views and get viral on social media platforms.

In the last four years, 3345 people were killed in encounters and no one is aware of their actual status. Punjab police is considered as the specialist in fake encounters. Only in Kasur district alone, at least 137 people were killed by police in fake encounters.

In recent time’s couple of encounters got exceptional support from the public. Because of that support media highlighted this issue frequently but still, authorities have nothing on the ground. A young boy Naqeeb Ullah Mahsud who was killed by Sindh police claiming that he was involved in terrorist activities. The Operation was lead by famous SSP Rao Anwar. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took, sou motu on Mahsud’s case.

On January 13, 2018, Intizar was shot dead on Khayaban-e-Ittehad after officials and personnel of the ACLC resorted to indiscriminate fire on a car. Killing the victim on the spot. It was later revealed that the ACLC officials and of were behind the brutal killing. How can we forget Abid Boxer who accused Shehbaz Sharif of staging fake police encounters?

Abid Boxer continuously built the narrative that he was just an actor who was performing as per the instructions of director, and saying what script writer used to say me. He claimed that in 90’s he did hundreds of fake encounters on the behalf of Shahbaz Sharif. There was another incident which was happened in Karachi few year back. When rangers killed young man claiming that he was trying to snatch their rifles. They shot boy in front of public and media and didn’t gave him basic first aid.

And now Sahiwal encounter in which four people killed on the GT Road in front of their family. Firstly police van hit the car and started straight firing on them. All this happened while three small kids were there and saw their parents dying. CTD claimed that the ‘terrorists’ were killed in an intelligencebased operation (IBO). Three other terrorists including Shahid Jabar and Abdul Rahman managed to flee during the chase near the toll plaza of Sahiwal. Moreover, Law minister of Punjab Raja bashrat endorsed the statement of CTD and Police. As per initial reports, it is to be said that CTD officials have been arrested as per the instructions of CM Punjab Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar.

In past Supreme Court of Pakistan and law enforcement agencies formed JIT on various cases but no practical output yet. The agencies or police which is part of these fake encounters, will they be able to dofree and fair investigation of Fake encounters in Pakistan?