How to deal with the gloomy, dark and scary fall season?

fall season

Fall Season is already here and I just can’t thank the good lord enough for taking away the super humid summers away. Fall Season has always been a favorite yet sad season. Watching the trees change their color from green to hues and finally falling down leaving the bark stand alone in the dark long nights. The fallen leaves however add to

fall season

Well, the not so cold not so warm weather requires vibrant range of sweaters and sweat shirts. The mornings and evenings are cold but the sun burns like fire at mid-day. Don’t let the leaves make your fashion sense fall. Dress up in the best way and don’t let the sun burn you. Sweat shirts and long boots are all you can rock this season. Go for deep rich colors and don’t let the past night regrets demotivate you to wear your favorite lipstick, be it deep orange, purple or maroon.

As October had already started, the excitement for Halloween has started too. We all want our outfit to be the best and the most different one but before that we have work and school every day and we need outfit inspiration. One can always pair boots and jackets together. Sneakers and vans are an option for your cute look. Do wear frames that suit your face structure. (I am planning on writing on it too) and give your hair a new color as well.