Tennis Player Aisam Ul Haq and Faha Makhdoom

This couple got married in 2011. Both of them loved and liked each other. they were invited to many morning shows and shoed their love, but due to some misunderstandings they parted their ways and get divorced, that news really shocked the Pakistan celebrities.

Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan

Pakistani comedian Azfar Ali got married to Pakistani actress Salma Hassan. Both led a happy life for 11 years and had one daughter but after sometimes Azfar falls in love with Pakistani actress Naveen Waqar and divorced Salma Hassan.

Arij Fatima and Faraz

The beautiful Pakistani actress also divorced. She got divorced after two weeks of their marriage because their families had not happy with their marriage.

Annie Khalid and Malik Noureed

The famous singer Annie got married with rich businessman Malik Noureed. The marriage had been held with full doom. But they could not long their relationship and end up with divorce. Annie used to say that Malik often beat her and treated her harshly.

Sherry Shah and Malik Anwar

These two were also unable to maintain their marriage. Malik Anwar was such a bad person in real life. he was fraud and she took the help of host Maya Khan and one of the anchors to get rid of this brutal person.

Shaista Lodhi and Waqar Wahidi

Shaista Lodhi and Waqar Wahidi both led a happy married life for 15 years and had three children but after 15 years they parted their ways and claimed that Waqar had forced Shaista to leave the showbiz  but she refused to do so and she got divorced from him

Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Noor Bukhari is a skilled and delightful performer of Pakistan. She got divorced four times. After this tragic incident, she left Showbiz and turned to Islam.

Mahira Khan and Ali Askari

This couple got hitched in 2007 and had a child kid named Azlan. She got divorced from him. After some time they met at their family gatherings and functions and people think that they are in a relationship but they just get together only for their child.

Noman Javaid and Jana Malik

This couple got married in 2016 and got separated in 2017. According to Jana Malik, he didn’t satisfy her basic rights.

Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik

It was Humaima’s first marriage and Shamoon’s second marriage. After two years they got divorced and didn’t have any child. According to sources, genuine pressures emerged between the couple when Humaima Malik began appreciating another celebrated performing artist of Showbiz.

Javed Sheikh and Salma Agha

Salma Agha was the second spouse of Javed Sheikh. After some time of their marriage, they separated their ways and Javed Shiekh rejoined his first spouse  Zeenat with whom he has two children Momal Shiekh and Shahzad Shiekh.

Saba Hameed and Pervaiz Shafi

She was before married to Syed Pervaiz Shafi, however, went separate ways after an involved acquaintance. She has two children Faris Shafi and Meesha Shafi from her first marriage.

 Juggan Kazim and Adnan Ghafoor

Juggan Kazim the Pakistan famous host married to Adnan Ghafoor, they are madly in love with each other but separated their ways after the news of their child kid.

Nadia Khan and Khawar Iqbal

After detachment from her first spouse, Nadia Khan wedded a man named Khawar Iqbal with whom she has two kids, Aliza Khan and Azaan Khan. Nadia Khan took divorce from her husband Khawar Iqbal in 2012.

Asad Siddiqui and Maham Babar

Asad got married in 2014 first, but after two years they separated their ways and then got married again in September 2017 to Zara Noor.

These are the list of FAMOUS PAKISTANI COUPLES.