Politics, a theatrical exhibition disguised
Communitarianism may not suffice
When a plunger attempts to undertake
Consequential-ism of truth is but a fake
To turn potential voters to idiots oblivious
Potential failures at ethics not envious
Slogans to fool the crowds twist about
A doctrine of morality is not their route
No truth but disguised as an answer
A political human concern is but a cancer
No lie but expressed with immense skill.
The art of utility needed for their next kill
Monsters created in the name of liberty
Political actions disguised as Ethical vanity
Angels eliminated under the law of whiplash
Under the guise of productivity rights of people to thrash
Individualism defined in freedom as opposed
Unknowingly slaves in totality are composed
An illusion of deception to fool
As hunger forces the forgotten to drool
From one election to the next
More lies are written in text
Soon the race shall be over,
The doctrine high principles shall changeover
Soon the powerful would win the fight.
Neither man nor animals may survive the slaughter night
Representatives of the people they are not
In Revolutions hitherto futile constitution sought
The game of death politicians play
To seek a reason as society is forced to pay
All in the name of democracy
The Freeman and the slave stand in hypocrisy
Prejudice disguised by dishonesty
Oppressed reproached by fake policy
Freedom curbed by utilitarianism
To deny is to invoke penalty in totalitarianism
Irrational politicians can be
Inevitable the grave fate of common man is to be
Such plunderers, such deceivers
proletarian are the few democratic believers
Dictators they are not
Many a brutal war they had fought
To preserve democracy they could not
In the end purveyors of socialism need naught
No hindrance allowed to obstruct
No new worlds of faith to construct
Politically no morality made its way
No common man was permitted to say
Justify not the meaning of democracy to me
How I have witnessed the inhuman considerations to be
How sad that justice denied is justice hidden
To speak of true democracy I am once again forbidden
Am I hindered by distrust
Or the scoundrel to justify himself must
For the fair players are we slowly eliminated?
Or is it a pathway of pretend but in complacency complemented
To prepare for the grave in liberty
Alone yes we may fall into a slumber in apathy
And all done in the name of farce democracy

Written by: Dr. Zaib Khan