Miracles by Flax Seeds, The Facts you don’t know

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are also known as “Alsai” in India and Pakistan. Flax seeds are little, flat, brown or tan gold in color with a metallic luster. It has been used by our ancestors a lot and in India and Pakistan, it is still being used because of its marvelous results and miraculous effects.

Flax seed is proteinaceous in nature. They are included in plant-based proteins and are a rich source of fiber.  Proteins are a necessary part of our human body as they not only help in speeding up a biochemical reaction in our body but also transports materials throughout the body e.g. hemoglobin, a blood transporting protein.

Keratin Protein is a major component of Hair, skin, and nails and taking flax seeds help boost up the skin and helps in growth and strengthening of hair. However, fiber helps to regulate the materials in the digestive tract and avoids the bulking of food thus preventing constipation.

Flax seed along with proteins and fibers provide omega-3 fatty acids, thus providing energy and helps in maintaining cholesterol.

Diabetic Patients should use Flax seed on almost every day or alternate days to help maintain their blood glucose level. Flax seed is found to be Anti-cancerous when used with yogurt or cottage cheese because of its anti-oxidant property. Moreover, eating plant-based diets helps reduce the risk of cancer both in men and women.

Adding flax seeds to your daily crab diet will not only help you to get rid of excess fat but also helps to maintain the “good” cholesterol. It helps restore the fluid between bones thus reducing friction between bones and joints. People who often complain about pain in their bones and joints are recommended to use Flax seeds.  Hormones are balanced due to the presence of lignin in flax seed. The fibrous material of the seeds is beneficial for everyone as it regulates the absorption of materials.

Nutritionists now recommend them to be the essential part of one’s daily eating routine because we are too busy racing in our lives and consume junk food to save time but this time saving will definitely get us sick. So why not add flax seeds in our diet plans, daily routines and an ingredient in our festive foods.

How to use Flax seeds?

One can use the powdered form of Flax seeds and consume it with water or milk at night or early morning.

  1. Flax seeds can also be eaten along yogurt and cheese.
  2. Add flax seeds oil in your salad or drizzle it over the grill pan to grill your chicken patties.
  3. Flax seed sprouts are very rich in nutrients and have the maximum effects as compared to other forms of intake.
  4. For kids, add the powdered form of flax seeds to wheat or plain flour and bake it into pizzas or muffins as you like.
  5. For adults hitting puberty, consume soaked flax seed in coconut or simple milk.

Regular use of flax seed in your diet will lead to your digestion, hormones and your body to the next level of goodness.