Why Game of Thrones is the best TV Season of this decade?

Game of Thrones

Why Game of Thrones is the best TV Season

What are the basic elements to make a movie or drama serial successful? What makes it lively in front of the audience and what makes its importance fade away with time. You can not make a or explain a great story, it must be distilled is widely stated term in story writing. Today we will explain what are the reasons for Game of Thrones to be the most successful television show of this decade?

If you watch different television shows and keep on watching them. You will find all successful television shows have somethings in common. We will discuss it in perspective of Game of Thrones. First thing is whatever gibberish magic or trick they play, it is simple. The show will do extremely unlikely things but will never do those unlikely things in a complex way. A mantra is to keep things simple. John snow was dead, and he came to life by a magical spell, how simple it was. People watching seasons want things to be engaging instead of complex sci-fi like an arrow and making things look extremely complicated to the point. Whereas watcher loses interest gradually.

Game of Thrones best TV Season

Game of Thrones The show brought own many unexpected sudden scenes with a simplicity which makes it an all-time favourite for the people. Another thing is the clarity of thought and characters in the play. From the beginning, it is almost sure who are or will be key characters (John Snow, Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Stark Sisters) who might sit on the throne, who will be supporting characters for assistance to get the throne. The ever-changing loyalties of supporting characters truly depict real-life scenarios. Where people change their directions based on the powerful or influential person. Such a thing also invokes people to keep on watching the show as it appears something. The mantra going on in real life.

Famous TV Season of this decade? Obviously Game of Thrones!

It never deviates from the timeline. White walkers did not just come out of somewhere. Since the start of the season, somehow fear of white walkers the in front of viewers. Similarly, the impression of making John Snow the ultimate king was also pushed and was affirmed once he was reborn. The directors have instigated curiosity among viewers with a glimpse of Dragon Queen being the wife of John Snow. And sitting by him on the grand throne. This trait of adding curiosity and slowly building it up to the end makes it a great season.

All of us are waiting for the Game of Thrones final episode, what if I tell you I have some leaked information, I am planning to write about it in my next article soon. Stay connected with SB NEWS!