The 116th attack on religious minority of Pakistan Hazara

targeted killing of Hazar community


The 116th attack on the religious minority of Pakistan Hazara in Quetta.

The violence and sectarian killings of religious minorities are not new. But in Zia ul Haq’s Era, the mass killings of Shia community and Hazara started. And it never stopped up till now. At the epicentre of it all is Quetta, and at the heart of Quetta, is the Hazaras’ mortal peril. Hazaras have been targeted since 1999, and en masse since at least 2001.

Pakistan which is made for the rights of the minorities but now they are fighting for their survival. The saddest part of these attacks is Hazaras were always killed in great numbers at once and we do not see much sympathy for them as we see for others or maybe we as a nation are used to of it? and became senseless!

The other minorities of Pakistan are also suffering especially if we talk about the Ahmadiyya community, Hindus and Christians.

What PM Imran Khan said in 2013 about Hazara community:

“I explicitly take their name and call out to the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. If you carry out this terrorism in the name of Islam, then you couldn’t be greater enemies of the religion,”

“Islam is the religion of peace. Attacking innocent civilians is outright terrorism,” he said.

What other people thought about killings:

Almost every home in Hazara has a tragedy written over it. Children have lost their father, sisters have lost their brothers, mothers have lost their sons, wives have lost their husbands & vice versa but why there is not enough outrage over their Massacre?

Are we the most hypocrite nation on this planet? Perhaps we 25,000 gathered in Jhang to pay tribute to victims and PM Jacinda Ardern. Can someone ask them to show some pain & create similar gestures of solidarity for #Hazaras? Then they talk about peace & humanity.

Thoughts and prayers won’t do when it comes to the repeated targeting of citizens’ security is a basic duty of the state. Don’t know how and when will this end.