Hina Altaf opens up about her family issues & depression

Hina Altaf

Pakistani Actress Hina Altaf talks about stress management and how she overcame Depression

Hina Altaf an emerging talented young VJ turned actress spoke her heart out in a show hosted by Samina Peerzada and can be a role model for young girls who are suffering from depression, anxiety and stress.

Hina Altaf made her debut in “’EK THI MISAAL” where she was the centre of the universe for her parents and then falls for the hardships of life. Her best role was in “Udaari’’ where she plays the role of a rape victim. She in her interview says “I don’t understand why they portray women as victims all the time. Life is short and women have to be strong”

Hina Altaf tells the story of how she left her house and lives independently.

Hina Altaf

‘’I was 16 when I had to step out of my house and earn our living. My mom, well she was a super mom, was mentally disturbed since my childhood and was suffering from Schizophrenia. My father’s side is all religious and they practice Pardah while my mother is just like we are. My mother had illusions that I wasn’t on my shoot (that I have sneaked somewhere else) and as soon as I’ll enter the house she would beat me brutally.

There was this time when her bangle broke on my cheek and it started bleeding and the next day when I went to work I had to lie all about the incident. I’ve gone through hard times, dark you may say. So, I met, Dr Alam (shows her tattoo) and he was kind enough to lead me out in the light. At the age of 21, I had decided to live alone and independent. It was like world war III in the house. My dad was very angry he threatened me that he will call the police and this and that. But I silently left the house without misbehaving with my dad.’’

She further added “Parents must not tighten the string to the point that it breaks, loosen it a bit and it will stay the same’’

Samina Peerzada, however, added a very valid point that Economic stability is all that a girl needs in her life when she decides to live alone.

Hina Altaf told her how she overcame her stress and depression ‘’instead of falling for boys and drugs, that normally people do when they’re usually stressed they take the help of drugs and fall for things that decent people don’t do. I took the help of cardio and gym, and they are best for releasing stress.

So next time you judge an actress or any other independent women please care to know what she has been through in her life.