Hira Pervaiz Dabang Entry in showbiz as a super model

Hira Pervaiz
Hira Pervaiz actress model anchor

Hira Pervaiz is a talented Actress, Host, and Model of the Pakistani Television industry.

Hira Pervaiz left Journalism which she joined a way back as a reporter and newscaster. She worked in renowned media houses of the Pakistan that is Samaa News, Express news. She also worked for PTV. HP is considered as one of the famous newscasters of the electronic media. She is among the few who worked for both English and Urdu medium of news. But soon she realized that this is not her field in the longer run, and recently she officially joined the entertainment industry.

While talking we asked how Hira Pervaiz see herself she said

“After spending years in this industry firstly starting off in the field of anchoring and acting. I feel I have achieved a lot the first thing my confidence and the belief that I am talented and beautiful. But yet I believe there is a long way to go.
This industry made me experience everything. success, failure but moreover the thrill and drive to bounce back. I believe is very important to have as a trait in this competitive world.
I believe in professionalism, a determination which has to be immense and the drive to keep moving ahead in life. I want to give a lot to this industry through my potential because after seeing both rise and downfall and ultimately striking back with a full blow. I believe nothing can stop me from moving forward. I’m here to conquer. I’m here to live forever”
Hira Pervaiz
She is the talented Actress, Host, and Model of the Pakistani Television industry. She did outstanding acting in drama serial Main Gunahgar Nahi. She also did so many modelling assignments with notable designers like HSY, Amir Adnan. Hira Pervaiz made her mark in Journalism as well. She has experience of around 7 years in relevant field.
After her Dabang entry into showbiz majority of people is appreciating her skills and work. Soon she can be seen on the bigger screen of Pakistan film Industry.


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