How to achieve your goals 10 simple steps

How to achieve your goals
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How to Achieve your goals ? All of us want to be in the limelight. We just want the world to focus on us and our achievements, but rather than looking for what we can do we keep on noticing what others are up to. It’s a dilemma these days that people spend more times on social media looking up at people they admire or love, mainly celebrities, money makers or the ones that have achieved their goals. It’s good you keep up the pace with the trends of the world, but it’s even better if we look at the efforts made by the ones we admire and definitely want to follow. It is somehow in our nature that we think our life is the bed of Thrones while the others have roses instead because we forget to look at their struggles. We forget to notice what they’ve been through to reach that level of fame and obvious the financial status.

For instances, we all know Kardashians (a special thanks to Facebook, media, and IG) and we all know how bloody rich the whole family is but we are still poor. The reason is the struggle! Once in a life, you have to do struggle to achieve your goals. You have to get up and work! You have to leave that damn couch you are sitting on and find out ways to make yourself capable enough to fulfill your dreams.

Who hates a big house with a wide window with the perfect view?

To achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams you need to know who you are. Yes! You need to recognize yourself. You need to know what your skills are, what you can do to let the world know you. What are your capabilities? What kept you so long to wake up from this bad dream of yours and actually step into the sunlight and get a fresh start?

To know who you really are you need to meet yourself almost every single day. Spending time with yourself will let you know the inner you. The real you. The one who wants to achieve something rather than just sit at home and stare up at the screen.

Here are some simple steps you need to follow to achieve your goals.

  • Brainstorm when in solitude!
  • Come up with creative ideas.
  • Notice what the best thing you can do is.
  • Socialize more. Make new friends.
  • Discuss ideas, not people.
  • Gossip less (because it’s hard to avoid) achieve more.
  • Interact with organizations that provide the stuff of your interest.
  • Planning is important.
  • Do act on what touches your heart (on a smaller scale, no doubt that’s how you learn)
  • Do not give up after failure.

How to achieve your goals it’s good you have goals in life. One must have a pattern to follow but staying focused and determined for what kept you up at nights for decades should be right before you when you die.

Written by: J Minahil



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