Imran Khan picked up his pads and batted aggressively

So what should a captain do when his team is struggling?

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan

He picks up his pads and helmet and go bat up the order. Mr. Imran Khan can kill the whole opposition’s protest call by just one good speech and he did it. Timing was perfect after Eid and on the Budget day when all his major opponents are in jail. Mr. Khan people will be happy, tell them how hard you are working so they can be happier on next Eid and let people know how hard it is for you to see delays in what you promised. Mr. Khan you are not a good politician, but people trust you, so use in and be a good politician.

These past nine months I have watched Imran Khan and his government very closely and in this article I would like to share my observations why Mr. Khan APPEARS to fail Pakistanis. So what should a captain do when his team is struggling? came under turmoil the moment when he sacked Asad Umar, his key player, from the position of Finance Minister. This turmoil turned into an avalanche when Pakistan struck deal with IMF and Dollar touched 150 rupees.

This avalanche will turn into Tsunami the moment Khan’s government will raise gas prices and joint opposition will team up against Khan’s government. Situation of Khan is similar to Misbah ul Haq who arrives at crease with Pakistan 23 for 3. Up till this point the reason why social media and electronic media appears to be against Mr. Khan is solely based on Mr. Khan’s one habit.

The habit of telling everything to general public and he had won the hearts of many in doing so. At this moment he is struggling because of the same thing that is his strength, his honesty with Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan gave statements that he won’t go to IMF but he had no other choice. Khan has to explain this to his people. Similarly, the whole issue of oil and gas not proved from of shore drilling. A lot of money has to be spent on exploration phase for oil and gas and India got successful after 40 attempts.

As per my information Pakistan has attempted 13 times to search for oil and gas in off shore area of Pakistan. It was estimated that there are 13% chances of hitting the oil reserves. I teach ore reserve analysis at one of the university in United States so I can explain that these chances were bleak.

Still even touching the gas doesn’t mean oil and gas is coming out. It takes time to make bankable feasibility reports and then ask some investor to invest in the business. Similar is the case with Chiniot-Rajoa iron ore project, the cost of extracting the iron ore is either equivalent or more than what it’s needed to import it.

So, project is currently not-feasible for mining. Mr. Khan is struggling due to his unavailability to the people who voted for him, his keyboard jihadis are getting demotivated and they have no content to put in support of Imran Khan and his government.



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