Incredible India on the road to be a Stupid India


India a very weaker state in 1971 didn’t pay any heed to what Uncle Sam was telling it to do and attacked eastern Pakistan, now called Bangladesh. Similar India kept on strengthening its human resource and appeared as biggest market personals working in IT worldwide. A lot of remittance coming to India from the Middle East and the US helped a lot in boosting the economy of India. Same India is now on the verge of making a silly mistake in their history. Modi the guy who used religion card to win the election has already sowed the seeds of hatred in all lower caste Hindus and minorities that accounts for around 40% of the population altogether.

Similarly, all the upper caste and Modi supporters are developing hate among all those who are against Modi. This kind of polarization is bad for a country whose aims are high. How ignorant money makes you can be seen from what Narendra Modi is doing in South Asia. He committed the same mistake Pakistan did in 1979, giving airplane stations to the US for a strategic alliance with the US is just an initial step and soon demands will keep on rising. Modi’s aim to turn Pakistan into Afghanistan is well exploited by uncle Sam. Recent instruction to stop importing oil from Iran is just a glimpse of strings attached to what comes in the bag of dollars. US is slowly losing all of its stronghold in South Asia as Afghanistan still after 17 years of war is in the same position with Pakistan’s intelligence holding its cards up high against US and allied forces.

The strong policy of President Trump has clearly indicated to Pakistan that we are separating apart from you. Enhancing ties with India has also indicated US policy in South Asia. The recent meeting of Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China spy chiefs in Pakistan has also indicated the line which Pakistan is going to follow in the region.

In all of this mess, India should play wisely as its major trade to Central Asia depends on Iran, Pakistan and China have already surrounded it from two sides while the majority of weapons depends on Russia. Is India in Position to take side with the US against Pakistan and over-ambitious Modi’s dream to turn Pakistan into Afghanistan can be troublesome for India in the longer run. India needs to decide which sides it has to take and when to act wisely otherwise it will be too late.