PM NewZealand Jacinda Ardern shows solidarity with Muslims

Jacinda Ardern shines on New Zealand's darkest day

Jacinda Adern

Prime Minister of NewZealand Jacinda Ardern

It may have been New Zealand’s darkest day, but leader Jacinda Ardern shone brightly.

While her nine month old baby slept soundly at home. The world’s youngest female head of government awoke to the nightmare of the toll of her nation’s most deadly shooting. Like many, she had barely slept.

NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern says Donald Trump called her and asked what the US could do. She says she replied: “Sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.”

NZ PM Ardern meets with mosque leaders

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern meets with some of the muslim community at the Hagley College. After the Masjid Al Noor Mosque terror attack.

Ardern landed in the South Island city on Saturday following the killings of 49 worshippers gathering for prayers at two mosques on Friday.

“Security from the police will contuse at mosques throughout New Zealand until it seen there is no longer a threat,” she said.

Jacinda Ardern the Prime Minister of #NewZealand showed her stance of solidarity by visiting the Muslim community after the devastating Christchurch mosque mass fire incident. She wore a black traditional shalwar kameez and dupatta on her head.



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