Khadim Rizvi Protest has to be seen following backdrop

Khadim Rizvi

The protest organized by Tahreek e Labaik Pakistan under the supervision of Khadim Rizvi

  • Maulana Khadim Rizvi is from the barelvi group, already on roads protesting. Maulana Sami ul Haq has been killed, he was a Deobandi. Deobandis may also come on roads to agitate. Maulana Sami was the godfather of Taliban
  • CIA, RAW and ANI have planned delicate ops to bring all religious elements on roads to disrupt the law & order, confront Army and religious entities.
  • PM is in China. Remember last Rizvi protest was when Chinese President was to come to Pakistan.
  • Create distrust between Taliban and Pakistan so as to minimise Pakistani influence in Afghan Peace Process.
  • Conference Pakistan Army and religious parties to discredit the Army and show the world that Pakistan can ensure safety and security of its nuclear weapons. 
  • Delay and disrupt CPEC. Especially show to Chinese that mega investment is in a failed state.
  • Disrupt the Kashmir movement by creating law & order situation in Pakistan.
  • Show the world that we are crazy, uneducated, a foolhardy religious fanatic with no respect for the state.
  • Maulana Fazal ur Rehman will gain more power in JUI.
    It’s time to show maturity as a nation.