Kim Jong Un and his NUKES! The North Korea

Kim jong Un
Kim Jong Un and his NUKES!

The North Korean leader and Kim Jong Un has finally spoken something. He broke his silence about his plans for the summit with South Korean and United States presidents.

Well while everyone was hoping that another distasteful war announcement will come out of his ugly mouth, no such thing seems to happen. His statements did not had to do much with tossing out his small nuclear arsenal. Donald Trump who “has a bigger button” would also have been disappointed as now there is nothing entertaining in the summit.

Though everyone sees Kim Jong Un as a dictator, he sees himself as a world leader. The chance to sit down with President Trump on an equal level as heads of nuclear armed nations.

The act of suspending underground nuclear tests and test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles is something surprising for the world media. Though who knows that he might be planning something way more bad and mischievous. Kim Jong Un later stated that his nation’s nuclear test site at Pungency is essentially inoperable. This means that the test site is supposed to be closed soon and apparently ‘dismantled.’

For years the United States has been trying to make North Korea a denuclearized nation. But Kim Jong Un will not let this happen till he stands alive. He is very strong in his thinking and approach.

There has been a sudden change in Kim Jong Un’s behaviour this time of the year compared to his behavior last year. Regarding his troops that have more than 30,000 soldiers on the Peninsula he is more flexible in having them make a retreat. His latest statement came out to feel like it is echoing the hope that one day the world will have no nuclear weapons.

But this comes out strong that now Kim Jong Un is a leader who’s country has nuclear power and all the nations including the United States should accept the fact and treat him equally and respectfully.

Kim also looks forward to focus on economic development of North Korea. This sudden change is being regarded as something good but it all might just be a hoax as well.

Trump did what he is really good at. He took out his tweeting fingers and praised Kim Jong Un’s announcement though it was indirect. He went to say that it is very good news for North Korea and the world.

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister who does not really get along with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un also gave a positive response. Though he still doubts Kim’s intentions and stated that there is a need for vigilance for the upcoming months regarding Kim Jong Un and his actions.

The tone and the behavior of the North Korean leader has suddenly changed. The person is talking about peace who once warned that he will create a nuclear cloud all over us. Now it seems that clouds of harmony have covered him all over. Again all of this suddenly does not quite add up.

But now there is a lot of hope regarding Kim’s time at the upcoming summit. People are waiting for some positive results. Though one must not dream wild and hope that North Korea will be declared democratic anytime soon.

But whatever happens Kim Jong Un seems to want to make his relations with America better. He recently opened up and is giving a thought to releasing three Americans who are in North Korean custody at the moment.

Kim Jong Un just said that now North Korea is a nuclear power and if anyone wants peace, he is willing to give up his nuclear missiles. But only when rest of the world does too.

All this goodness suddenly coming to surface! Is it coming from the inside or is it being painted upon by advisers of cunning war.

Well we will further get to know about his statements when he makes more during the summit. Until then the only world leader who would be giving out statements would be Donald Trump through his twitter account.

When we talk about mad world leaders, Kim is not the only one who seems to top the list. We have Donald as well.

But why? Why are we at a point where world peace seems to be something completely impossible. Why instead of caring for the citizens, all leaders are doing is gathering weapons of mass destruction.

The world which was supposed to be filled with greenery, love and harmony is filled with nuclear weapons, armies, hidden submarines and chunks of lies. Is world peace really impossible? Will there be a day when the entire world would be our home. Will there come any day when we would be united by love instead of being divided by borders. Will there be a day ??

Written by: Rahul

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