Korea Republic Vs Mexico Prediction FIFA World Cup 2018

Korea Republic Vs Mexico
The Korea Republic Vs Mexico Group F is a lot tighter than everyone excepted it to be. Mexico shocked the world in their opening game, beating the current World Champions Germany 1-0. They made Germany look very average with their high press and good defending. For both teams, it is the very important match in terms of their future in the tournament.
The Korea Republic Vs Mexico
Tournament: Fifa World Cup 2018
Location: Rostov Arena
Match date: 23.06.2018 at 16:00

Uptill now both the Korea Republic and Mexico have faced each other 6 times, 2 times Mexico won, 2 times the Korea Republic won, 2 times match was drawn between them. The Korea Republic Lost their first match against Sweden, on the other hand, Mexico did great upset against Germany in the first match. They are in very good form and performed really well and amazed everyone, every prediction went wrong last time when they played.

The Mexico player is fast as compared to the Korea Republic, and they can easily manage and defense the attack of Korea Rebulic.

  • Mexico team is in very good form and their confidence level is high right now, it will not easy to score against them today.
  • As for the Asians, they aren’t very strong in attack so there no serious threat for Mexico in this match.

The Korea Republic Vs Mexico Prediction:
The chances for the Korea Republic are very low as they are supposed to under pressure. So right now the winning percentage of Mexico is 77% and the Korea Republic is only 23% but keeping in mind the trend of Fifa Worldcup 2018 anything can happen if the Korea Republic plays extremely well but still, I don’t think that they can beat Mexico in the current situation.

If we talk about score prediction of the Korea Republic vs Mexico then I would say that Mexico will be scoring 2 goals and I am not seeing Korea doing any score so my prediction is Mexico 2-0.

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