Maiza Hameed no longer MNA, after PTI’s spectacular win in NA 91

Maiza Hameed

Maiza Hameed of PML-N no more part of National Assembly

PTI will get 2 seats. one would be the general seat and the other one will be reserve seat for women from Punjab Province. Maiza Hameed will have to vacate for PTI MNA on reserve seat. So the gap between government and opposition will increase by four seats. PTI won 2 seats and opposition (PML-N) lost 2 seats.

After this PTI will be more confident that the public is accepting their narrative. They will also get some relief from the blackmailing of other small parties who are part of the government.

Obviously PML-N will not be happy but actual shock and real setback for Maiza Hameed!

Amir Sultan Cheema won NA 91 Sargodha

Amir Sultan Cheema
Amir Sultan Cheema

PMLN could not win a single polling station today in NA 91.
Result of 20/20 Polling Stations: #PTI: 12,028 #PMLN: 3134

Amir Sultan Cheema is the son of Anwar Ali Cheema (late). He remained six times MPA and served as provincial minister. His father was a very famous politician around Punjab and one of the strongest candidate. He remains MNA for seven consecutive times 1985–2013.

“Aamir Sultan Cheema of #PTI wins #NA91#Sargodha by-election with a huge margin Seems like public continues to confide in government policies in #Punjab despite severe criticism on CM #UsmanBuzdar”
~Mona Alam