Mehdi Hassan Khan A Legendary Singer 18 July his Birthday

Mehdi Hassan

Mehdi Hassan Khan (18 July 1927 – 13 June 2012) was a Pakistani ghazal singer and playback singer for Lollywood. One of the greatest and most influential figures in the history of ghazal singing. He is known as King of Ghazal. He received various awards from Government of Pakistan.

He is also one of theTop 7 Singer of the Asia SubContinent.

The Sultan or Shahensha Of Ghazal and The Spirit of Sacred Music

Mehdi Hassan as an artist has earned the kind of acclaim that few in the light classical world have witnessed, but his attributes most of this to an unflinching faith in God and of course a deep respect for his art that has got him the fame and adulation.

Mehdi Hassan is undoubtedly one of the most renowned ghazal singers in the world today. An artist, who has set such towering standards in the light classical music, his career is used as a benchmark along which many young artistes model their own.

Personal Information of Mehdi Hassan:

Birthday: July 18, 1927
Nationality: Pakistani
Famous: Ghazal Singers
Sun Sign:
Died At Age: 84
Born in: Luna
Famous as: Ghazal Singer
Died on: June 13, 2012
Place of death: Karachi

Mehdi Hassan Life:


  • Mehdi Hasan was born on 18 July 1927 in a village called Luna, Rajasthan, in India. He hailed from a family with a rich musical legacy—he claimed to be the 16th generation of hereditary musicians hailing from the Kalawant clan of musicians. His ancestors were “Darbari Ustads”, seasoned performers in the courts of several Maharajahs of Indore, Patna, Chhatarpur, and Mysore.

  • He was trained for a career in music from a young age. As a little boy, he started receiving lessons from his father Ustad Azeem Khan and uncle Ustad Ismail Khan who were both traditional Dhrupad singers. He did not receive any formal education other than his music training.

  • He started performing at a young age and reportedly gave his first concert with his elder brother in Fazilka Bungla.

The partition of India in 1947 greatly affected the fortunes of the Muslim family. When the new nation of Pakistan was created, Hassan, along with his family migrated to Pakistan. Hassan was 20 years old at that time.

Famous Ghazals of Ustaad Mehdi Hassan:

Ranjish Hi Sahi
Main Khyal hon Kisi Aur Ka
Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam na hon ge
Rafta Rafta
jo thake thake thy hosle
Main Hosh ma tha
Ab ke hum bichare¶

Mehdi Hassan Family:

Ustad Mehdi Hasan is a Father of 14 children (9 Sons)&(5 Daughters). Some of his sons inherited the family knowledge of music and followed the footsteps of Ustad Mehdi Hassan and each son made music as their career.

1.Tariq Mehdi Hasan (Versatile Playback Singer)

2.Arif Mehdi Hasan (Classical Tabla Player & Promoter)

3.Asif Mehdi Hasan (Playback & Ghazal Singer)

4.Kamran Mehdi Hasan (Playback & Ghazal Singer)

5.Imran Mehdi Hasan (Classical Tabla Player & Versatile Singer)

6.Faizan Mehdi Hassan (Versatile & Ghazal Singer).

Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s grandsons the 18th generation of Kalawant Decedents

1.Adnan Hassan

2. Ali Hassan

3.Salman Hassan

4.Nawaz Hassan

5.Wali Hassan